Now that’s Pretty Smart! (Sponsored)


With technology constantly updating I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem of a site online.                                   

So what is Its a site that allows YOU to rate and review the salons you’ve been to, or see other people’s ratings before you book!  Although the website is still quite new, as more women start to review their beauty salons, it will become easy to find a really good salon in your area by looking for the top-rated salons on PrettySmart. 


This is great news for those of us wanting to research whether certain treatments really deliver on their promises and which salons are the best.   (And those of us who have suffered through a less-than-special massage at a tatty salon because we got caught by a half-price massage deal online… definitely check this website before getting caught again!) At the end of the day we all want value for money and a good service.

So what can you expect to find on the site?  They list all beauty salons, spas, nail bars and aesthetic clinics on one website (they don’t list hairstylists).  Great for finding telephone numbers, addresses, price-lists and even specials!  


The website allows you to search for salons by area or by treatment.  So for example you live in Centurion and you’re looking for a massage one Saturday afternoon – you can simply search for those criteria and then compare the salons that come up; either by price or by the ratings given by other users.       

So what are you waiting for ??? – pop onto the website and rate/ review a salon or spa that you have visited recently.  Lots of salons haven’t been reviewed yet – some deserve praise and some deserve health warnings!  And remember, PrettySmart gives a R500 spa voucher to one reviewer each week. 

Remember this site for when you are next looking for any beauty-related treatment, it’s going to become your best friend. 

I see myself spending quite a bit of time on this site 🙂

ciao xxx


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A 30 something South African Indian woman living, laughing, loving and trying to find her way back after a long stint abroad. A million stories a million laughs to share from a journey where I have been blessed to meet some really amazing humans. A domestic goddess with a love of food, books, travelling, cocktails and the colour pink...... Welcome to my world sit back and enjoy my adventures

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