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Love Guru…


Well, as all of you know, I am a hopeless romantic and also not very lucky in the department of love. So I was quite taken aback last weekend when a male friend asked my help on Dating advice. Yikes here’s me who completely read the retard in shining tinfoil incorrectly but oh well let’s see. The 1st question I was asked was my thoughts on Dating Sites..

Well been there done that got the Tshirt but its not for me, I did suggest to the friend to sign up on one of them and give it a try, I mean you never know. So the friend tried this but was not to impressed with the sites. And then came question two: How attractive am I ? (From a ladies point of view) and what can I do to improve myself ??

Before I continue, here is a lil background on the friend. He is well educated, easy to get along with, able to hold conversations, dresses well, enjoys good food and wine. I mean, he has a lot going on but for me I think its his self confidence.

So my mission for March is going to help my friend boost his confidence and hopefully find a gf 🙂

Wish me luck!

Ciao xxx


Au revoir Love Month…


love month

Well second month of 2014 with fewer days you proved to be rather interesting. It was the month I changed the type of posts I wrote, taking on a more personal approach. I shared a very personal post in Love Actually and Comfortzone).

The last few weeks have been totally busy working on #DbnBloggerMeet with my amazing team of Nicola and Michelle.

This month also held the launch of the @IluvDBN media launch of #welovedurban campaign and included in this month was us nursing Gran and Zara back to health.

As I write this post today I feel :

  1. In a good place in my life .
  2. Happy.
  3. Excited about new projects.
  4. At peace with my soul.
  5. Loved by my amazing friends who have stood by me during this rollercoaster month and never left my hand.

Thank you Love Month for your life lessons and amazing opportunities.I look forward to Marvelous March and all the wonderment it holds.

Ciao xxx.

How has love month treated you ?

Durban Polish Party 2013


The super amazing Michelle @Ordinary_Misfit – yes the lady with the pink hair arranged this fab event.



The venue for this event was the beautiful Blue Zoo at Mitchell Park.



Michelle used this event to teach us some great nail art techniques and we got to play around with what seemed like a gazillion bottles of Polish.



Our cover charge was sent to the Movember challenge showing our support for the men in our lives.Michelle got us this rather fab mustaches to wear.



The goodie bags we each received were WOW ! They included products from Original Iced cocktails, Coverderm, Revlon , Essence , IceBox , Chic cosmetics and Carribean Tan.It was a great girly day out and I got to meet some of my blogging friends.






Thank you to all the great sponsors and Michelle for this event 🙂




In keeping with the theme of Love Month and all my personal dramas that went down , I decided to explore a different train of thought. After re reading my favourite book I thought “arranged marriages”.


Instantly I know you are cringing reading this BUT, stop and listen to what I am getting at. Traditionally in many Eastern cultures and religions, arranged marriages are the norm where the bride and the groom literally meet on the day of their wedding . These matches were made by parents and astrologers. Most of these marriages do actually work as a suitable spouse is found for you according to your background – but not always. Love marriages on the other hand.. well, they too go 50/50 in terms of working.

Mum always says “What happens when love flies out the back door ?”.

So all this got me thinking, here’s me, 30-something , returned from London 4 years ago, don’t have a big social circle and not into clubbing. I work odd hours – 12 midday to 7pm and work in an environment that doesn’t allow me to meet anyone suitable. Everyone I know is married, taken or gay lol. So how does a single girl meet a decent single guy??? Yes I have tried online dating. It’s rather scary with plenty perverts with fake profiles.

Then I thought why not consider arranged marriage with a modern twist.. Who knows us better than anyone else??? Our friends and family – they know our likes, dislikes and  our dreams so why not ask them to be matchmakers? They would suggest potential suitors for you to meet for coffee and prior to this would be calls and emails and then its up to the couple to pursue this match or not.

So no its not arranged marriage but arranged dating. I am rather open to this option 🙂

Anyone out there will to take on this challenge and help me in my quest ?


15 Things that make me a unique Indian Girl…


Last week I came across this rather funny but very true post on Buzzfeed. I decided to share my top 15 of the List :

1. You spend a significant amount of your time and money on hair removal, in various forms.

Yes all forms of torture waxing , threading , sugaring , plucking and bleaching

2. You regularly receive Facebook friend requests from middle-aged men in suburban India with whom you have zero mutual friends.

Or Pakistan

3. You were raised to fear the sun because your grandmother would disown you if your skin got darker.

Or you wouldn’t get married as milky tea coloured skin was more desirable in a girl


4. Of course, at the end of the day, you’re free to marry whomever you want… Except the extensive list of races, religions, and nationalities your mom has vetoed.

Hello parents its 2014 not 1820 but then saying that I am kinda off Indian guys at the moment

5. No matter how old you get, you have to give your parents a detailed itinerary every time you leave home.

Gee whizz I feel like I am 5 ! How am I meant to meet a nice boy?

6. Nothing cheers you up like rocking out to your Bollywood jams.

Good old Bollywood tracks always get me bopping.

7. If you ever got sick, you were forced to eat ginger and drink honey, regardless of the ailment.

Force fed home remedies let’s not forget Castor Oil yukkkkk


8. Your standards for romance are unreasonably high.

Thank you Bollywood for this rose tinted glasses. Sorry, current and future boyfriends.

9. You have some serious swearing abilities and you aren’t afraid to use them.

True story the first words I learn in any language are the swear words so don’t make me angry cause I will go all foreign on you.

10. Your other special talent: bargaining.

In my case always a bargain hunter, hate paying full price

11. In your vocabulary, chai = gossip.

Isn’t it a universal language

12. You never had sex ed at school, so you learned about sex from questionable sources.

Defo no Birds and the bees chat with the parents.

13. But you know that there’s nothing in the world more flattering than a sari and some confidence.

Hell yes very sexy, all men love a woman in a sari.


14.You have aunties all over the world, none of whom you are related to.

Yes Oz, New Zealand, Canada, California, Mauritius.

15. And you wouldn’t trade your loud, chaotic, and colorful life for all the samosas in the world.

Totally love my colourful culture, religion and history.

Am sure many of you reading this post are nodding and saying yes true story lol.

I love who and what I am and totally proud to be Indian.

I am leaving you with a video of one of my fav Bollywood Tracks that always gets my entire family young and old on the dance floor:


The Dating Circle…


A few days ago I was sent an email about a new South African based dating site. A few days ago I was not looking at dating as I was rather preoccupied with a retard in tinfoil masquerading as my knight in Shining Armour. So I discarded the email as I am still not ready, but thought I would share this gift with my readers.


So what is The Dating Circle ??

In todays’ fast moving world, it’s becoming rather difficult to meet someone. We are all rushing around 24/7 with work, family and social events, and then not to forget, most of our time in spent online in the Techno world of Social Media. So hence the idea of The Dating Circle was born. It makes sense to combine dating with Technology. The site is based in South Africa so yes you don’t need to chat to/fall in love with someone a million miles away.

So, why choose The Dating Circle?

  • Live Chat
  • Private Messages
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Favourite Users
  • Free Gifts available to give to other users.
  • A safe and secure site

And its affordable :

5 different membership options:

  • 7 Days @ R70
  • 1 Month @ R140
  • 3 Months @ R315
  • 6 Months @ R630
  • 12 months @ R1260

2 Secure Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card
  • instant EFT

So what are you waiting for! Join The Dating Circle and make the circle bigger. Go on check out the site here.

Screenshot 2014-02-15 21.40.12

The Dating Circle has kindly offered 3 of my readers a free 3 month subscription to the site. So all you singletons out there give this a try and let me know.

TO WIN you need to tweet this “I would love to make the @TheDatingCircle bigger with @verushka143”

You need to follow both too. Closing date 23 February 2014

My favourite read …


About 6 years ago during my adventures in London, I came across a book that I fell in love with, cried and could relate on so many levels. During my move I misplaced the book and then 6 months ago I remembered and had to place a special order for my book which has a rather odd title – For Matrimonial Purposes by Kavita Daswani.


The book is set in two totally different continents in two bustling cities,  Bombay and New York. “Anju” is the damsel who we come to love and share her journey as her family in India try to find her a suitable boy to marry. Anju lives in New York. A modern Indian girl who loves drinking cocktails and fashion, but every time she returns home to visit her family she is put through this whole process of meeting suitors. I identify with Anju and often find myself laughing out aloud when I am reading this book.


This book is a must read its light , funny , sad and let’s us each walk away with a glimmer of hope. The following are some of my favourite lines in the book :

  1. “why aren’t you married yet?”.
  2. “he looks like he should be on some America’s Most Wanted List”.
  3. “in your baby pink sari ,you look like a marshmallow .All soft and sweet and fluffy and nothing inside but air.That’s what he wants.
  4. “I don’t want you to be happy .I want you to be married.”.
  5. “Beti,the boy destined for you is already born.He is somewhere in the world.We just have to find him.”.
  6. “First get married ,then do what you want.”.
  7. “he was just like every other guy I’d known- scared and closeminded.”.
  8. “I’ve met your soulmate, I’ve met the man you are going to marry.”.
  9. “we need to be two independent people in this.That’s the only way we can see if its going to work.”.
  10. “Rohan led me around the nuptial fire and I followed , our karmas cleansed by its warmth, our lives starting anew”.


Join Anju on her quest of finding a husband feel her emotions and never give up hope :).

Ciao xxx.

Ps what are you reading?

Comfort zone…


So on this day of love, I decided to be real brave, put on my Big Girl panties and pretend its Leap Year.

It took a lot for me to do this as after my last serious relationship I shared with my readers in Love Actually, kinda left me damaged. So I decided to, throw caution, do the wind and ask.

Well it was not the response I expected as there were so many signals since December but alas, my judgement was so off radar.

So its time to regroup, refocus and get rid of this retard in tinfoil trying to be a knight in Shining Armour.

Lesson of the day: If you don’t get out of your comfort zone and pull on your big girl panties, you will still be mesmerised by the retard in tinfoil trying to be a Knight in Shining Armour 😉

ciao xxx

Dear 15 year old me…


Hello there sunshine 🙂 I hope you are having lots of fun, making new friends and creating a ton of memories. Life is only going to get better and trust me when I saw there are some pretty awesome adventures awaiting you. I have decided to leave you some pearls of wisdom:

  1. You are gorgeous , talented and beautiful – inside out.
  2. Live! Laugh! Love a lot (its ok to get heartbroken ).
  3. Start reading about the World as soon you will be travelling and lots of fun times.
  4. Learn to cook from Gran as you will become a Domestic Goddess.
  5. Choose your friends carefully.
  6. Drink lots of water – its good for you.
  7. Be confident you can do everything your heart desires.
  8. Yes you can be just friends with a boy 🙂
  9. It’s ok cry our eyes need to be cleaned.
  10. I know mum has said you can’t be a journalist – don’t fight her on this trust me you will write.

Sunshine a bright future awaits you with so many opportunities go out there and just do it.You are braver and stronger than you think.

Hugs & kisses from an older wiser me

Love List…


In keeping with the spirit of love month, I decided to do a Love List. This list was inspired after reading my dear friend Sue Levy’s Blog (

So here is my Love List of 14 :

  1. I love lazy Sunday mornings in bed with a cup of tea while I catch up on reading/writing blogs.
  2. I love how my humble blog has grown and inspired a few friends to start their own blogs.
  3. I love reading, my bursting out of the seams bookshelf and my ever-growing to read list is testament to this.
  4. I love Technology. I am such a gadget geek reading up and owning so many electronic products.I love how technology allows me to be in contact with friends and family around the world.
  5. I love spending quality time with my family and friends who support my dreams.
  6. I love cooking hence my blog name  🙂 To me, cooking is an expression of Love.
  7. downloadI love the colour Pink, I own items in literally 50 shades of Pink.
  8. stock-footage-perfectly-seamless-loop-features-valentine-hearts-ascending-in-shades-from-red-to-very-light-pinkI love travelling both locally and internationally – Discovering my world.
  9. I love Vanilla am totally obessessed by the smell and taste and yes, I even wear a Vanilla perfume.
  10. I love London after living there for over a decade you must understand my love for all things British.
  11. 63950-640x360-london-icons2-640I love music – Food for the soul and brings back memories. Currently my fav song on repeat is “Waiting for Superman – Daughtry”.
  12. I love Social Media – It’s such a great tool.
  13. I love inspiring others to pursue their dreams.
  14. I love how my puppy Zara gets so happy when I get home from work and jumps all over me.

So what’s on your love list? Do share…

Ciao xxx.