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Over the last week all South Africans have become very worried about the ill health and hospitalisation of the GREATEST ICON in our country Nelson Mandela affectionately known as Madiba.

This amazing old man has captured the hearts of so many around the world be it in sports, music, Hollywood, Bollywood and politics. I recall visiting Jamaica a few years ago and be shown the Nelson Mandela Highway , the tour guide refered to the high as Mandela Highway this infuriated me that I stopped her and said have respect for one of the Greatest Men that has ever lived.Thats how patriotic I am .

Many South Africans will recall us winning the 1995 World Cup Rugby and our beloved Madiba there with the trophy .As I write this i feel the tears pricking in my eyes and the goosebumps on my arms appearing.


We SOUTH AFRICANS love you and appreciate all that you have done to build and bring together our beloved rainbow nation. We pray that you dont suffer any longer …. your smile , your sense of humour and your wise words will live on forever ….

Hamba Gahle




A month ago I was mentioned in a tweet to a new Twitter account belonging to @HeyGorgeousSA.The gorgeous diva within me was very curious to find out more.At this point this Twitter account was looking for 100 followers to host its first giveaway.They now have a following of 556 and still growing.

So this product range is based in the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town , this is where the team creates the most amazing looking beauty and bath products that look good enough to eat. All their products are made with love and care and lots of attention to detail.In their range all products are organic , vegan based and no animals are harmed in the making of these delicious body treatments.

From cupcakes, to fudge , to souffles wait this sounds like a dessert menu but these are all scrupmtious treats for your body.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts are very interactive with their followers and promote their products daily. They have lots of giveaways and very helpful in recommending products to those of us who have special beauty needs.

On the 29th June 2013 HEY GORGEOUS SA is hosting a brunch event in CapeTown.The event promises to be filled with lots of fun , treats , products to try and amazing goodie bags .So if you are in Cape Town and free this weekend make sure to book and go to this event. I am gutted not to be able to attend but I have heard via the grapevine that a Hey Gorgeous SA roadtrip might be on the cards 🙂

brunch invite

For more information or a brochure of these yummy products


TWITTER : @HeyGorgeousSA


New addition to our family …


Since the loss of our family much loved dog , Sasha we were waiting to get a new puppy.After the much anticipated wait the gorgeous new one arrived.
Early Friday morning , I got a message from Karmani telling me puppy was on her way to me from Pretoria and would be here Saturday morning.I was so excited and nervous as I have never had a puppy of my own to look after.

I had ages ago thought of a name and knew I wanted the initial Z Zak if its a boy and Zara if its a girl.My brother and I picked her up on Saturday afternoon .She was ever so good in the trip home.

Zara is ten weeks old and like me is born in April. She apparently likes RED which I am sure I will change to pink lol. She is too precious and is so well behaved.

My friends all refer to my new pup as training for motherhood. Yesterday I went shopping for Zara and bought her an animal print bed , puppy treats and toys.

Zara is settling into her new home and is loving the Durban temperature, she loves her new bed .I have strict times for feeding her and playing with her so she doesnt get spoilt and cry for me when I go back to work.

When I see her little face and her tail wagging it makes my heart melt .

Our criminal society


Two Saturdays ago, Mum left to the UK and while we was not home our house was broken into.

This was such a shocking and terrifying experience. We have an alarm system which picked them up .It seems criminals are getting very clever and have new methods of breaking in.Its such an invasion of your privacy knowing someone has touched all your stuff and gone through your personal belongings.

From what it seems these robbers were looking for jewellery and money, we are not sure what was taken and will only know when mum returns.

Crime has become rife in all areas doesnt matter if you live in posh area or not.It angers me that people think its ok to steal . We work so hard to buy what we want only for it to be taken by someone who doesnt know the meaning of that item. Most of our possessions have a story behind them , a history and a monetary value cannot be placed on it.

So to protect ourselves , our loved one and our possessions we now have to live like prisoners. Have guard dogs and hitech security systems.Life has become such that we are constantly looking over our shoulders and constantly looking doors. At times I feel like a prison warden constantly checking and locking.

We really need to relook at our goverments crime and punishment protocol. The goverment needs to find ways to punish these criminals.In some parts of the world very harsh punishments are administered to thiefs thus preventing crime from happening.

I dont want to live like a prisoner in my own home and be afraid to go out. Hopefully someday the crime decreases and people will live in peace, harmony and not be paranoid.

Simple Pleasures



Last Wednesday my amazing cousin Karmani surprised me with a one day visit. I havent seen Karms since last Decemeber so its been pretty long.We chat on a regular basis via Twitter and Whatsapp keeping uptodate with the happenings of our lives .Karms is Dad and my late Dad are 1st cousins so that makes are 2nd cousins. But regardless we are super close and her lovely brother Whelan and I share our birthday.

Karmani and I share a very special relationship we party together, bargain hunters and we dream and share our visions with each other.

So on Wednesday afternoon we sat in the kitchen and had a major long catch up session on our work , our vision for our future, my blogging, her DJ career, our planned holiday abroad as well as recalling past memories.It was such a feel good session and much needed for my soul. As Karmani often says our grandkids are going to listen to our stories and think wow are grandmothers are truly LEGENDARY 🙂

I am truly blessed to have such an inspirational cousin in my life who has believed in my blogging and forsees so much more in my future. Thank you Karmani for been so awesome, loving and a true LEGEND .

Taste of Durban Experience graces Durban again


Last year Taste of Durban finally graced our sunny shores. For a foodie like me this was such an awesome event been able to indulge in some amazing signature dishes produced by some of Durban’s finest eateries.

I had researched and followed carefully on Twitter all the information on this event. So on getting there that beautiful Saturday morning this foodie was ready to have her tastebuds tantilized. The currency of the day was Crowns which one was able to purchase during the day and was used to buy tasty morsels of yumminess from some amazing eateries.The main sponsors of this culinary event are Pick nPay and Orbit Gum.

My ultimate love of the day was the PicknPay wine and canape experience. Here one had to book a session as the spaces for each where limited. Once inside you were supplied with all the tools of the trade and ingredients and taught to make the most divine canapes and pair with yum wines.

I tried out, bought some fab culinary treats.From sweet, savoury, spices, cocktails all where available here.

Some of the highlights included :

* Pick n Pay Chefs Theatre with live demonstrations

* Wine and Canape Experience

* food and drinks from KZN top organic producers

So this year I am really looking forward to Taste of Durban 2013.If you havent been please allow your tastebuds to be treated to some amazing goodies. Tickets are already on sale.


WHEN 26-27 JULY 2013


For more information check out

Follow these Twitter accounts :


See you guys there 🙂

Bon Appetite

Me looking ll cheffie

Me looking ll cheffie

Smitten by BITTEN


Last year I was pretty lucky to win a signed copy of this amazing cookbook by Sarah Graham. The simplicity and set up of this cookbook caught my attention immediately.
Sarah Graham started a food blog called , the blog lead to the cookbook and that has now lead to the amazingly delightful cookery show called BITTEN.I am totally smitten by this cookery show and believe me I watch loads of them. The show is screened every Sunday at 4pm on SABC 3 for thirty minutes of pure foodie heaven. Sarah looks amazing and cooks the most charming dishes each with a little story while introducing us to her home, family and friends. Her kitchen makes me so jealous as it has amazing dishes from Le Creuset , Yuppie Chef and Nomu spices.
BITTEN the cookbook is wow .The pictures, recipes; hints are so appealing and user friendly. This book is must food bible for those who love food and sharing it with their friends and family. Sarah has showcased a few popular South African Food Bloggers and included a recipe from each of them. Some of these are bloggers are my favourites whom I follow on Twitter:
Jane Anne Hobbs –Rayner (SCRUMPTIOUS)



I totally love all the basic tips for cooking /baking and the conversion tables. Each recipe has a little story to it as well as hints and tips. Sarah has also put together a list of meal options for a month at the back of the cookbook with the necessary page numbers so easy peasy. This book makes you want to jump into the kitchen and start baking and cooking. Most of the ingredients used in the recipes are easy to source and already found in the home.

My favourite recipe by far is Grilled Lamb Chops with Lemon & Rosemary Oil.So I have decided to include this recipe in my blog I will be making these and a few more recipes over my winter holiday.HERE IS THE RECIPE :

Serves 4 | Preparation time 10 minutes | Cooking time 15 minutes

2-3 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp butter (optional)
zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 Tbsp finely chopped fresh rosemary
½ tsp salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 lamb chops, about 200 g each
1. Preheat the oven’s grill to its highest setting (or get your braai/bbq ready)

2. In a pestle and mortar, crush the lemon zest, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper together. Mix in the butter and spread this evenly over the chops before
placing them in a shallow oven-proof dish.

3. Grill the chops for 5-6 minutes on each side, or until cooked but still pink in the middle.

So do yourself a favour watch BITTEN on SUNDAY SABC 3 at 4PM. This beautifully produced cookery show will feed your senses and make you think you are watching an overseas production. WELL DONE Sarah and your production team on an amazing production.
My favourite quote from the book “In our kitchens we are never alone; we have memories, happy and sad “
I hope now you understand why I am SMITTEN BY BITTEN

Pre Writers Course meet


Today , my day started rather early I had to be at Edgewood College at 9am. The purpose of today was to meet my fellow writers and preparation for the week long retreat.

Twenty educators from a vastly different backgrounds and experiences were chosen. But the one thing in common we all had was a passion to write.

We were taken through the programme for the week.It then struck me how really intensive this week was going to be starting at 8am each morning and finishing at 6pm everyday. This all seemed a little daunting to me but I love challenges and look forward to this new chapter in the book of me.

As I was leaving I was approached by one of the other candidates who said to me that it was a pleasure to me meet and that I have really inspired her. This left me totally gobsmacked as we were all given a writing excersie as part of our introduction of ourselves to the group. I then got thinking this lady who met me only for 3 hours felt inspired and motivated by me , imagine the impact I have had in the lives of my students over the years.I felt very humbled by this lady’s words and I feel more motivated than ever to go out there and do more , write more and be an enabler in the life of my students.

I will be blogging about my progress at the Winter Writers course and sharing some of my creative pieces with my readers.

Application for the Writers Course 2013


As an educator with over 15 years of experience both in the UK and South Africa , I have worked in high schools , primary schools and co-ed schools I now find myself working in the FET sector, teaching a new subject, which I am thoroughly enjoying and its allowing me to make an impact in my students lives.
Writing was never something, I thought I could do until last year when I was invited by an IT company to write blog posts on their site. Initially I wrote about my passions, my likes and my life and pretty soon became a regular contributor. A few months later I decided to start my own blog ( My blog has over a thousand followers and I have written eighty plus posts and have done several posts as a guest blogger for other Bloggers. This then made me realise that I had a passion for writing and expressing my thoughts and sharing the world as I see it through my eyes. My friends, colleagues and family are amazed with my new hobby and my writing. The most common feedback I get is “well, you are a bookworm so it was bound to happen that writing would enter your blood”.
Last week I was asked by the Head of English at my college to teach her Level 2 English Lecturers about blogging as it was a section in the syllabus and no one had a clue. I was pretty surprised and honoured to have the chance to share my passion with my colleagues most of whom didn’t know I was a writer. I have now been asked our by campus training manager to put together a presentation for staff at all eight of our colleges on Blogging. So what started as a hobby has become a commodity I can trade in .As I walk through campus , I am often stopped by students who ask me about my blog and if I can help them . I feel honoured to be seen by many like a “Blog Guru”.
The college I work at is situated near the Lamontville Township area where most of our students are Black, the college runs two programmes; one for students with a matric pass and another for students without. Our college has high enrolment numbers as we offer our learners bursaries. These students are from disadvantaged backgrounds but have an undeniable thirst for knowledge. The courses that we offer are skills based and we offer in each programme English, Maths Literacy and Life Orientation with a computer element. The greatest challenge that affects our students is Language as for many English is a second and sometimes a third language.
Our classrooms are basic rooms with no charts or displays the learning environment is not one that encourages the student to learn. Students only have access to computers in their lesson time which is two hours a week, for many they have never used a computer before.
I have been at the college since 2011 and have tried various strategies to encourage my students to read and write better some of them include:
• Bringing old newspapers into class to encourage them to read in English as most only have access to Zulu papers.
• Students are encouraged to bring dictionaries to lessons.
• I also write keywords on the board at start of the lesson.
• In EBM (Entrepreneurship and Business management) students are required to write a Business plan. To aide students I supplied them with writing frames and examples of work.
I would love the opportunity to be chosen as part of this amazing programme for several reasons, some of which include improving my personal writing skills but most importantly being able to give my students the confidence and skills to become better speakers and writers of English. I firmly believe we all have a story within us that needs to be told and what better way than to teach my students the art of writing.
“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart – William Wordsworth ”