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New possibilties…


A week ago I was approached by a fellow blogger , if I would be interested in doing a guest blogger post on her Blog. I was very impressed that she had asked me….

The post was of a Travel nature which immediately drew the gypsy within me to write it. Its based on the gorgeous city Durban in which I live in….

Here is the link to that blog ….

I hope you enjoy this post , the pictures attached were taken by me……. Enjoy your journey with me through dazzling Durban




Sometimes its just a few words, a hug or even a smile that could make a person’s day better. Today was not a good day for me at work. I was tested to the point of almost turning on the waterworks.

Friends at work all rallied around me to make me feel better, but the matter was not in my hands to control. Change is good but change that leaves you lost is not a good feeling. Earlier this afternoon i posted on Twitter a sad face only no words and immediately I recieved tweet of concern from friends I have never met.This really touched my heart , their kind words, virtual hugs and encouragement really worked its magic.

This made me realise that friends are truly angels who remind us that we have wings when we forget that we can fly. During my many years I have had , met and still have some really amazing friends even though we dont live on the same continent anymore I know they still care for me. Friendship is very important and friends are the family we choose.I have met friends from all walks of life , different cultures and age groups (this reminds me of once telling my mum I was going to a party for a Friend who was turning 50, MUM almost did a double take and said you have friends who are so old lol).Each of my friends have taught me very important life lessons, many stayed with me through very hard times in my life and I appreciate them for that.From drunken moments of madness in Spanish , to conquering my fear of Theme Parks , to holding my hand when I was afraid or holding back my hair when I was throwing up my friends are simply the best

So appreciate your friends doesnt matter if its in reality or social media be blessed knowing that you matter to someone ….To new friends , old friends and friends I have yet to met I am gobsmacked by the kindness you have shown me ……..

I am very blessed to have met many amazing souls during my journey each so unique, so loving and the crazy ones too lol. My friends may not be like the characters in the popular show “Friends” BUT hey they are my friends and that makes them superstars in my books 🙂

My blogging update……


My journey blogging started last year and a week ago I was asked on Twitter by another blogger to do a guest post. I was so impressed been asked to do this 🙂

The post was a Travel section which immediately appealed to the travelling gyspy within me.

I completed that post today and it is a follow on of my last post on SA LOOKOUT FOR THE LINK……..

South Africa a land of contrasts…..


Since my return to SA in 2010, I have started to view my home country in a different light . They say we often don’t realise the worth of something until its gone. This statement proved true as during my time in the UK I clung onto everything that was South African from mementos to food items even things I never eat here at home in SA .
During the cause of this week a Twitter competition was run and it entailed listing facts about what makes South Africa special. During my Google searches I found some very interesting facts.
This prompted me to write this blog and share this:
 Table Mountain is believed to be the oldest mountains in the world.
 Table Mountain alone has 1,500 species of plants, more than the entire United Kingdom.
 South Africa is the second largest exporter of fruit in the World.
 South Africa has the longest wine route in the world.
 South Africa is rated 3rd in the world in supplying safe, drinkable tap water.
 Walt Disney serves South African wine exclusively in its 73 acre Animal Lodge in USA.
 South Africa is the only country in the world to voluntarily abandon its nuclear weapons program.
 South Africa is the world’s largest producer of Macadamia nuts.
 SA is home to the worlds smallest succulent plant and the largest (Baobab Tree).
 We have the only street in the world to house 2 Nobel Peace prize winners is in Soweto, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both have houses on Vilakazi Street in Soweto.
 SA has the third highest level of biodiversity in the world.
 SA has deserts , mountains, escarpments ,plateaus,grasslands, bush, wetlands and subtropical forests.
 Most of the world’s proto – mammalian fossils are found in the Karoo region.
 The Karoo region is home to some of the best fossils of early dinosaurs.
 SA has the most luxurious train in the world , The Rovos Rail.
 The oldest remains of modern humans were found in Klasies River Cave in the Eastern Cape.They are well over 100,000 years old.
 SA is first country to host the Rugby, Cricket and Soccer World Cups
 Kruger National Park supports the greatest variety of wildlife species in the African continent.
 Dr Christiaan Barnard performed the 1ST human heart transplant in the world in 1967.
 3 of the 5 fastest land animals live in SA.
 General Motors SA is the only place outside the USA to build the Hummer H3.
 SA has 11 official languages.
 SA is home to 7 of the World’s Heritage Sites.

After trolling through my Google searches I was so amazed or should I say gobsmacked.
Hard to believe we are rated in the world for so much, yet we the citizens of SA don’t pay attention to these amazing facts. It now makes sense why so many overseas visitors flock to SA year after year and its not only for our weather .
So I urge you take time to explore the amazing country you live in where ever you are in the world. Be proud of your heritage …………..

State of Education


The last 3 day have left me totally gobsmacked in seeing the vast numbers of students trying to access further education.

For those who dont know me I am a qualified educator who has taught in both SA and the UK. On returning to SA in 2010 I filled various posts in schools and now am lecturing in the Fet SECTOR.Monday was offically the day the college I work at opened and registration commenced. While driving into work at 7:10am I was shocked by the long winding lines of students gathering to register.

My job for the last 2 days was to man an information desk and help in screening and advising students about their options. By midday on Monday so many students had to be turned away as the lines were never ending. It was heartbreaking for me to see how desperate these learners were to register and gain some qualification. Those with a Matric pass were advised to return today to register.

This morning I arrived at work at 6:55 to be greeted by 3 lines of students on either side of the road for over 2km.Staff had to be guided into the premises. It was a bit scary I must admit.I later found out that 50 students had arrived the night before at 5pm and slept on the premises to ensure a place.

We only had place for 400 students max but the numbers were over 3000.It became a stampede in some venues were registration had to be stopped as students pushed in to register. The desperation of these students really touched me as to how much they value education and improving their future.

The goverment needs to step in now and build more facilities to accomodate these learners who are thirsty for education, we need trained educators, more resources.The only way we as a country can progress is by educating our youth , giving them skills so they are better equipped to deal with life.
I then with fellow lecturers recalled the days of our registration and how it was never like this so many people.I am truely grateful to my parents for giving me an education.

So please goverment ministers heed the call of the next generation and educators provide us with more institutes of further learning with resources . Thus making education and skills further accessible to all those who wish to further their education…….

My father my Hero


Those of you who know me through my blogs or tweets know that my dad passed away last New Years morning 2012 after a battle with prostate cancer.This was a total blow to our entire family and friends.

During 2012 i had to grow up over night and my brother and I become the parents of the home. It was a great learning curve but also one where we both had to focus on surviving and looking after mum and gran . Me personally i havent grieved for my dad as yet as i have be strong for everyone else at home.

Novemeber 2012 marked the traditional Indian and Hindu rituals for dad . My mum asked me to pay tribute to my dad , i couldnt say no but it was a task that took me forever to do.

I will share that little tribute :
My father …. a dynamic man , a soccer legend , a great speaker and a man who truely loved life and lived life to its fullest . As an only child my dad shared an extremely close bond with his cousins and his extended family. This year has been a year of going down memory lane recalling stories of my father, many sitting here today i am sure have vivid and vibrant memories of my father who more than often was the life and soul of a party.
My brother Nico and I were both expectionally lucky to have a father who exposed us to the wonderful world we live in and he gave us the freedom to explore our dreams. As children we travelled extensively in South Africa and were taken to experience very different food from chinese to japanese to portugese and yes even crocodile and ostrich. The greatest lessons my father taught us was that life is meant to be lived and each day should be lived to its fullest , experience new things, take chances and explore this world. LIFE IS NOT ABOUT THE BREATHES THAT WE TAKE BUT THE MOMENTS THAT TAKE OUR BREATHE AWAY.

I guess it never gets easier though everyone says it does in time .During the last year i have had such amazing support from friends both in my everyday life and my online communities.
They say every girl’s dad is her first love and the measure she uses for all men in her life , i can now tell you this is so true .
Dad we miss and love you everyday , the house does feel very empty without you.Thank you for giving me so much that I didnt realise it until you were no longer here. Listening to Dance with my father again but Luther Vandross now has a whole new meaning to me.
Tell those we love that we love them appreciate them , treasure them always x



A year where dreams come true thats my motto for this year. At the start of every new year all we hear is what are your new years resolutions . They all start out the same healthy living , saving money but most after a few weeks are forgotten.

So instead i am using the word GOALS for 2013. There is my list of goals for this year:
1) Become healthy in mind, body and soul
2)complete my fieldwork for my Masters degree
3)Keep away from negative people
4)Tolerate others more
5) Focus on those who care
6) fall in love
7) An overseas holiday
8) get back to driving
9)Buy a car
10)be happy

The last year 2012 has taught me that life is too short and precious to waste. Every day should be lived to max make each day count. All the best for an amazing 2013 MAY all your dreams come true this year. XXXX

how did we survive ….


This morning after a mission with bad internet signal , I made my self a cup of tea and thought how did we survive before without all this technology .

I recall my last flight home to SA , handbag contents included a mobile phone , digital camera, camcorder , DsLite consol, external hard drive and a few USB sticks and a cute pink netbook among my other girlie must haves. Strange to think that one could have so much technology in a handbag .

Seems hard to believe it but yes we did survive ,wrote letters , called people and visited more often. Life as we know it has been taken over by the rat race and our best method of contact now seems email , BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.I recall my first few months back from London and how I felt so cut off from the world especially my friends overseas. It was like like living in the Stone Age until I got internet access and a mobile phone.

I then realised how we in South Africa were recieving so little for the extremely high prices we paid for net access and mobile contracts. Having been an Apple mobile user in the UK I have had to downgrade to a Blackberry purely out of the finances of the mobile plans availlable.We need to make technology available to all in SA to ensure a techno savy society.Ciao for now my lovelies ………

men and woman


They say as one gets older we become wiser. I somewhat agree with this statement ,however when it comes to matters of heart I personally become a giggly teenager who thinks with my heart and not my head.

I have always for some reason seem to get on better with guys than girls , I guess having a brother and lots of boy cousins plays a part in this choice.While living in London , it was so awesome knowing that you could be friends with a guy without them thinking it was more. Many of my male friends were married and their spouses where pretty cool with the friendship their partners and I had with no threat of insecurity .

Here in South Africa is a totally different ball game ,the friendship with married guys is a total taboo . Last week i was confronted with a drama of a guy who i know for a few months , chat to every day suddenly stop chatting to me as he had a new lady in his life. This then got me thinking of the dynamics of friends and relationships.

Men and women both seem to have hidden agendas these days as well as ticklist of how a potential partner should be.It seems the outer beauty is what counts and not inner beauty. I am increasingly finding it hard to understand men and the way their mind works.Wish my heart was like a computer where i could reboot it and erase old files.

Yes i may not be a size 8 Bollywood model but I am unique , intelligent , well travelled, interesting , intriguing , a good cook, and a million more things.Get to know me and you will be rather surprised …..Ciao for now.

My digital addiction


Last week an electricity cut all day made me very uneasy as I was not able to Blog , Tweet, BBM or Whatsapp unless it as very important in attempt to save my battery life.

However my plan of action didnt last too long as i felt the need to use my phone for the numerous tasks i use it for normally.This lead to the phone dying by midday , the electricity was only due to come back on at 4PM. I then decided to read for abit then decided to spend quality time chatting with my mum and gran for about 2 hours .

During this bonding session I realised ahhh my laptop was still fully charged from the night before. So with a smile as big as a Cheshire cat i went off to get my laptop to charge my phone and my external hard drive. I then decided to to clean up my hard drive , put on a playlist and charge my phone at the same time. Wow such great multitasking skills us women have.

And then there was light Eureka , i could put my phone to charge properly and both my netbook and laptop.However it later dawned on me that evening how I am totally addicted to this digital era and how the art of conversation has become a dying art.

Its so totally evident as people can no longer hold a decent conversation. Even the learners of today write in text language and no longer use proper English… Yes I am addicted to the digital age but i can hold a conversation and I use proper English when I write.Presses the ESC KEY to end