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Love is….


It always baffles me that the English Language has only word to express the word Love yet the Greeks and Indians each have over 5 words each.

We each experience different kinds of love in life…. For me personally, Love manifests itself in my life like this :

  1. Love of my  Family – your first experience of relationships.
  2. Love of my beloved puppy Zara.
  3. Love of my country.
  4. Love of my friends who have become family.
  5. Love of my Religion and culture.

All 5 are so different yet have the common thread of Love binding them together. Love is a verb and is definately more than a feeling. Go out there into the world and Try to be LOVE ! Love does make the world a better place.

This song is so beautiful, have a listen let me know your thoughts… http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qeNRQgzJqt4.

Ciao xxx




Last June my life changed when I became a doggy mummy. As a family we have always had pets but never have I been the “parent”.



Zara was born on the 4th April 2013. She is half Ridgeback and half Rotteweiler. She is brown in colour and totally gorgeous. It was really love at 1st sight and I was totally Smitten with Zara. From buying her doggy treats to a fancy bed and toys – yes yes – I became mummy obesessed. Zara is such a mummy’s girl she loves cupcakes like me! Not real ones, but a toy one which she loves.

Last week Zara went into the vet for a simple procedure of getting spayed. However this has now lead to Zara being taken to the after hours emergency room on early hours of Sunday morning, as she opened up her wound and and caused it to bleed. My brother refused to let me see her and took her to the hospital. On returning home, Nico told me Zara was having surgery done and the open wound was infected 😦 The vet later called to say it was infected, but surgery was performed and Zara was in recovery mode.



This morning Zara came home all bandaged , huge white funnel around her head and mum has put socks on each paw to prevent her from scratching herself.

Yet again I wish I had my magic wand to make my beloved Zara better.

Get well soon my nunu Zara.

New addition to our family …


Since the loss of our family much loved dog , Sasha we were waiting to get a new puppy.After the much anticipated wait the gorgeous new one arrived.
Early Friday morning , I got a message from Karmani telling me puppy was on her way to me from Pretoria and would be here Saturday morning.I was so excited and nervous as I have never had a puppy of my own to look after.

I had ages ago thought of a name and knew I wanted the initial Z Zak if its a boy and Zara if its a girl.My brother and I picked her up on Saturday afternoon .She was ever so good in the trip home.

Zara is ten weeks old and like me is born in April. She apparently likes RED which I am sure I will change to pink lol. She is too precious and is so well behaved.

My friends all refer to my new pup as training for motherhood. Yesterday I went shopping for Zara and bought her an animal print bed , puppy treats and toys.

Zara is settling into her new home and is loving the Durban temperature, she loves her new bed .I have strict times for feeding her and playing with her so she doesnt get spoilt and cry for me when I go back to work.

When I see her little face and her tail wagging it makes my heart melt .