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Onion Tears by Shubnum Khan



I clearly recall in 2011, mum reading a review of this book and saying we must read this book.I then asked why as I had not read the review, her response was its written by an Indian girl from Durban and its about life, love and woman. Mum then went on further to say we must support local talent.

Last year, I finally managed to locate Onion Tears after discovering Shubnum Khan on Twitter. I was pretty excited to read this book especially as I had begun following her on Twitter.The cover was very beautiful and very eye catching,and a comment from Shanthini Naidoo on the cover did make the reader in me hungry to devour this book.

The story is based on an Indian family in South Africa, especially seen through the eyes of 3 generations of woman in this family, the grandmother,her daughter and her granddaughter. The main themes explored in this novel are those of love, loss and life. Its a very touching story that everyone can identify with.Life is not always what it seems and the past has a sneaky way of creeping up upon us. The story pulls you in and make you feel like you know the characters personally and you can feel their emotions.Society and the role of woman are also explored in this novel.

The clever use of culture and cooking ties up this lovely novel that is simply so realistic.Shubum is truly a great wordsmith and writes with such passion which is clearly evident in this novel.

Thank you Shubum for penning such a interesting read, I cant wait for your next book and to meet you in person.
ps. Go out and buy a copy of ONION TEARS 🙂


men and woman


They say as one gets older we become wiser. I somewhat agree with this statement ,however when it comes to matters of heart I personally become a giggly teenager who thinks with my heart and not my head.

I have always for some reason seem to get on better with guys than girls , I guess having a brother and lots of boy cousins plays a part in this choice.While living in London , it was so awesome knowing that you could be friends with a guy without them thinking it was more. Many of my male friends were married and their spouses where pretty cool with the friendship their partners and I had with no threat of insecurity .

Here in South Africa is a totally different ball game ,the friendship with married guys is a total taboo . Last week i was confronted with a drama of a guy who i know for a few months , chat to every day suddenly stop chatting to me as he had a new lady in his life. This then got me thinking of the dynamics of friends and relationships.

Men and women both seem to have hidden agendas these days as well as ticklist of how a potential partner should be.It seems the outer beauty is what counts and not inner beauty. I am increasingly finding it hard to understand men and the way their mind works.Wish my heart was like a computer where i could reboot it and erase old files.

Yes i may not be a size 8 Bollywood model but I am unique , intelligent , well travelled, interesting , intriguing , a good cook, and a million more things.Get to know me and you will be rather surprised …..Ciao for now.