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Wedding FEVER


On Sunday, MUM and I attended the Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair. I had attended an event like this once only and was keen to see what it had evolved to.

The Fair started on Friday and ran till Sunday. Included in the attractions was the much talked about Fashion Show and the appearance of Bollywood Stars from a hit series on Zee TV called Pavitra Rishta.

I received complimentary tickets so decided Mum and I would go on Sunday. Deciding what to wear took some time until I decided to throw caution to the wind and go Bollywood Glam and celebrate my heritage. The event was held at the beautiful Kendra Hall.

Walking into the fair instantly, I knew I wanted to get married 🙂 There were beautiful displays of clothing , jewellery and WOW decor. For any couple getting married I would suggest to put this event down on your pre wedding planning. From Decor, jewellery , lighting, clothing and photography all your wedding needs could be found here under one roof.



I love events like these , as you find out about all the hidden gems and talents in your city. NOT to mention the fair discounts, so I definitely couldn’t pass up the chance to scoop up some great bargains.

The highlight of the fair was without a doubt the Fashion Show. Models strutted them gorgeous outfits teamed up with amazing jewellery to the sounds of popular Bollywood songs. The colours and sounds of vibrant India filled the catwalk.



On over at the show were several awesome prizes to be won fingers crossed as I have my heart set on winning the trip to Dubai 🙂

I left the show feeling , I so want to get married 🙂 is there a word for this ? like broody?However there is one problem I still need to find my Prince Charming ! If you have never been to the Eastern Bridal Fair, I suggest you pencil in into your diary for next year.





In June my amazing friend M married her beloved M is a beautiful ceremony that was so touching. I even caught the bouquet so guess that means I am next.

So this got me thinking about weddings, marriage , traditions and culture.In an Indian wedding its always a large event that occurs over a period of 2 weeks, lots of feasting, songs, dancing and colourfulclothing.Ithinks this takes away the signifance. Every wedding that occurs now is bigger and better than the last with wedding co ordinators and programme directors all these things cost a large amount of money and is over so quickly.

Some marriages are based on love while others are arranged . This process of arranged marriage is not often done these days but there is a history of this especially in the Indian culture.They say you can learn to love someone …. not sure about this but on the flipside of the coin your family find you a suitable partner .

A wedding is the joining of two people who have decided to walk down the same path together , it is also a joining of their families and friends. Every culture has their own traditions which is always interesting to see how different people celebrate weddings.As much as it is a joyous celebration it is also sad for the to be leaving her family and starting a new life.

My take on marriage ……. Marriage is when two souls unite and become one to share their life journeys together through rocky roads and rainbows. Every religion of the world holds marriage as a very important aspect of life, I do believe in marriage but I dont beleive in the vast amounts of money spent on this day as the true meaning of this celebration gets lost. Though my heart has been broken and is almost like a patchwork quilt I still believe in love and marriage and yes I do want to get married someday not an arranged marriage tho but with someone I love and someone who does complete me …..