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Birthdays :-)


My birthday was yet again another fabulous day celebrating my life with my nearest and dearest.

I was woken at midnight from a gazzillion facebook, twitter and BBM messages. I was so surprised how truly loved I am by so many. I even got a birthday tweet from @Micasa that really made my day. Mum bought me a yummilicious Tiramisu cake from Woolworths that each morsel was divine.

Since my special day fell on a Saturday it was a perfect excuse to party all weekend. Plans that evening included dinner at Adega to sample some of Chef Ismail Arbee’s fab food then onto Newscafe in Umhlanga for cocktails and red velvet cupcakes with friends.

At Adega I was treated so special with a dish made especially for me, and a group of singing waiters bringing me dessert. As I write this I can still taste those yummy flavours of the sauce Ismail made (chilli,coconut and lime)

When I got to Newscafe my friends were already there, I was so happy they braved the cold and rain to spend my special day with me. Aftervloads of cocktails from Long Island Ice teas, flaming lamborginis to a Mexican death wish I had it all. It was my night a night of fun, laughter and great memories.

The party people within us urged us to go to Vogue where two of my fav Dj’s @djdeong and @ryanthedj. We danced the night away in heels and after having a few suitcases and a fishbowl.

The next morning after about 4 hours of sleep we surfaced to face the world and then headed to Tasha’s for brunch. After our tummies were full a spot of retail therapy was on the cards.

I recieved so many amazing and thoughtful gifts, I know I am truly blessed. I still continued recieving gifts till the last week of April.April is most defo a birthday month of celebrations to me. Thanks to all the awesome people who made my day so special. xxx


My new hobby


This long weekend I went up to Pretoria to visit my amazing cousins and to go to the John Legend concert. So during dinner on Thursday night at the great Tasha’s in Brooklyn, the topic of my blogging became dinner table conversation.

My aunt and uncle were both pretty interested in this new hobby of mine and were asking lots of questions. This was such a great feeling I felt like I was been interviewed. I was asked so what do I write about , to this my cousins who have been reading my blogs filled in the parentals.

This convo continued for awhile and went on to the fact this could be the start of a new career/ field for me. The parentals did ask for my links as well so that they could also read my online thoughts.

Then on Friday while waiting to get into the John Legend concert at the Sandton convenction centre , I was asked which media house I was from . I was gobsmacked and said no i was not from a media house. But this got me thinking , do i have the look of a person in media/PR , do i give off the impression I am a writer. I recalled a Twitter conversation with an editor of a popular South African Magazine Kojo Baffoe on blogging and how his hobby became his now career.

So I chatted away to cousins about this on the way home after another amazing day out and came to the conclusion that they both see me changing careers going into the Media/ PR fields and that they see me just so suited for this. This convo is still playing in my head as a possibility for the future.

The world is indeed my oyster will a million possibilities , blogging is my first step in the world of Media . Who knows where this new hobby of mine will lead to but so far I am loving every moment …..

Ciao for now my techno loving people ……Till later have an amazing week filled with endless possibilities……….