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Sometimes its just a few words, a hug or even a smile that could make a person’s day better. Today was not a good day for me at work. I was tested to the point of almost turning on the waterworks.

Friends at work all rallied around me to make me feel better, but the matter was not in my hands to control. Change is good but change that leaves you lost is not a good feeling. Earlier this afternoon i posted on Twitter a sad face only no words and immediately I recieved tweet of concern from friends I have never met.This really touched my heart , their kind words, virtual hugs and encouragement really worked its magic.

This made me realise that friends are truly angels who remind us that we have wings when we forget that we can fly. During my many years I have had , met and still have some really amazing friends even though we dont live on the same continent anymore I know they still care for me. Friendship is very important and friends are the family we choose.I have met friends from all walks of life , different cultures and age groups (this reminds me of once telling my mum I was going to a party for a Friend who was turning 50, MUM almost did a double take and said you have friends who are so old lol).Each of my friends have taught me very important life lessons, many stayed with me through very hard times in my life and I appreciate them for that.From drunken moments of madness in Spanish , to conquering my fear of Theme Parks , to holding my hand when I was afraid or holding back my hair when I was throwing up my friends are simply the best

So appreciate your friends doesnt matter if its in reality or social media be blessed knowing that you matter to someone ….To new friends , old friends and friends I have yet to met I am gobsmacked by the kindness you have shown me ……..

I am very blessed to have met many amazing souls during my journey each so unique, so loving and the crazy ones too lol. My friends may not be like the characters in the popular show “Friends” BUT hey they are my friends and that makes them superstars in my books 🙂