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Farewell Tata…….



With a heavy heart , a mind full of quotes and tears brimming , I write this post in saying farewell to our Beloved Tata Madiba.

I am prouder than can be to shout and tell the world yes “I am South African! I come from the country where the great Nelson Mandela walked this earth an fought for the rainbow nation I live in.”

We take so much in our lives for granted not realising if it wasnt for the hardships and sacrifices of Madiba we wouldnt be where we are now doing what we are doing.

Dearest TATA Madiba
I write this letter to you with a sore heart and tears in my eyes knowing you are no longer among us.I would like to humbly thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed for all of us South Africans to live in a free and democratic country. Your powerful words of wisdom will live on forever , you were truly a great man who touched the hearts of millions all over the world.I feel honoured to have lived in the time you walked this earth.
My prayer is that all South Africans continue your legacy and your work which started to leave a better world for our future generations.Let us all be that change and difference in the world striving for peace.
Mabida we love and honour you.
Hamba kakuhle Tata


Heinken Rocks Experience Cape Town 2012


People say I have a lucky streak , I say in order to win you have to enter. My most memorable win to date has definately got to be winning an all expense paid trip to Cape Town for this amazing event that totally rocked.The main sponsors of this prize were Heinken, The Sunday TIMES, Kulula and Grandwest Casino.I felt like a true celebrity with the cameras constantly clicking pictures of me. This is truely of those moments you will treasure forever

This event was held at the Grandwest Entertainment centre where we were treated like true VIP guests with goodie boxes in our rooms.We had a very tight time schedule and the best Hosts ever thank you  Andile and Louise.

This amazing experience took place over 2 days four  flights later with less than 3hours of sleep left me on a total high. The concert was an amazing fusion of rock , classical with a South African twist. The cream of the crop in terms of SA local talent were part of this production. My highlight was meeting MiCasa and Chiano Sky, amazing performances from Zolani ( Freshly Ground), MiCasa and Chiano Sky left me breathless. Meeting the stars of the production at the Heinken after party was so great they were all so humble and down to earth and didnt mind posing for pics .

For me this was the first time I have experienced such a concert on this large scale. It made me so proud that we have such amazing talent in South Africa and yes we need to  show the world this homegrown talent. I was so taken by the concert that 2 days later I purchased a Chiano Sky and a second copy of MiCasa which is now a platinum CD!

To the organisers of this amazing event well done on the excellent fusion of music. I wait for Heinken Symphonic Rocks 2013 :)I only wish that this production would come to Durban as well.

Take a peak into my world…….


So today , I decided to start my blogging journey . Tons seems to have happend in the life of me in the last 2 weeks so be prepared for a few more rather interesting blogs.

Well a little about me ……. I am a 30 something female , have returned back to SA after a very memorable stint in the UK for over a decade of my life . Settling into life as we know it here has had its ups and downs. Things have changed dramatically since I lived here.  Finding  my feet slowly but surely currently lecturing Hospitality at a local College, once again a student currently working on my Masters.

Am  totally in love with books and reading. Walking into a bookshop is my kind of Heaven, nothing beats the smell of opening the pages of a new book (ok well maybe the smell of bread baking and onions sauteing).Currently reading Shantaram(a birthday gift which is worthy of its own blog post), purchased my Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy need to check out the hype of these books and got a good classic Breakfast at Tiffanys included in my Holiday reading box.

Love travelling the world meeting new people, dicovering cultures, languages and the culinary delights each place has to offer. A domestic goddess and a huge fan of the colour Pink.

Aurevoir till we meet again…. have an awesome week ahead …..look out for blog post 2