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Meat Free Monday


Coming from a Hindu background has always meant that my family and I dont eat meat or eggs on several days within the week.My family follow a vegetarian diet on a Monday and a Thursday for religious reasons.

So when the concept of Meat Free Mondays was introduced I was excited as this would mean more of my friends would also not be eating meat on this day.So I thought I would explore this topic a little further and found out the following :
*was founded in 2003
*International campaign to encourage people to eat healthy and to save the planet.
*we can slow down climate change by reducing our meat consumption.
*fewer animal factory farms will be around as there will be less demand for meat and chicken.
*decreasing meat consumption helps reducing our chances of getting heart disease, cancer , obesity and diabetes.

Several famous people both living have dead have been vegetarians , it used to be laughed at as a “poor man’s diet” or a hippy lifestyle, but now is very popular.There are tons of amazing recipes from all over the world so its just boiled veg or a veg soup for dinner. Be creative, ask your Hindu friends, whatever you do just participate in Meat Free Mondays.
There is a huge variety of meat alternate products on the market, with my most favourite range been the Fry Family food range.Eating vegetables on a Monday can have so many benefits for you so go try it and your body and environment will thank you.