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My favourite read …


About 6 years ago during my adventures in London, I came across a book that I fell in love with, cried and could relate on so many levels. During my move I misplaced the book and then 6 months ago I remembered and had to place a special order for my book which has a rather odd title – For Matrimonial Purposes by Kavita Daswani.


The book is set in two totally different continents in two bustling cities,  Bombay and New York. “Anju” is the damsel who we come to love and share her journey as her family in India try to find her a suitable boy to marry. Anju lives in New York. A modern Indian girl who loves drinking cocktails and fashion, but every time she returns home to visit her family she is put through this whole process of meeting suitors. I identify with Anju and often find myself laughing out aloud when I am reading this book.


This book is a must read its light , funny , sad and let’s us each walk away with a glimmer of hope. The following are some of my favourite lines in the book :

  1. “why aren’t you married yet?”.
  2. “he looks like he should be on some America’s Most Wanted List”.
  3. “in your baby pink sari ,you look like a marshmallow .All soft and sweet and fluffy and nothing inside but air.That’s what he wants.
  4. “I don’t want you to be happy .I want you to be married.”.
  5. “Beti,the boy destined for you is already born.He is somewhere in the world.We just have to find him.”.
  6. “First get married ,then do what you want.”.
  7. “he was just like every other guy I’d known- scared and closeminded.”.
  8. “I’ve met your soulmate, I’ve met the man you are going to marry.”.
  9. “we need to be two independent people in this.That’s the only way we can see if its going to work.”.
  10. “Rohan led me around the nuptial fire and I followed , our karmas cleansed by its warmth, our lives starting anew”.


Join Anju on her quest of finding a husband feel her emotions and never give up hope :).

Ciao xxx.

Ps what are you reading?


Wedding FEVER


On Sunday, MUM and I attended the Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair. I had attended an event like this once only and was keen to see what it had evolved to.

The Fair started on Friday and ran till Sunday. Included in the attractions was the much talked about Fashion Show and the appearance of Bollywood Stars from a hit series on Zee TV called Pavitra Rishta.

I received complimentary tickets so decided Mum and I would go on Sunday. Deciding what to wear took some time until I decided to throw caution to the wind and go Bollywood Glam and celebrate my heritage. The event was held at the beautiful Kendra Hall.

Walking into the fair instantly, I knew I wanted to get married 🙂 There were beautiful displays of clothing , jewellery and WOW decor. For any couple getting married I would suggest to put this event down on your pre wedding planning. From Decor, jewellery , lighting, clothing and photography all your wedding needs could be found here under one roof.



I love events like these , as you find out about all the hidden gems and talents in your city. NOT to mention the fair discounts, so I definitely couldn’t pass up the chance to scoop up some great bargains.

The highlight of the fair was without a doubt the Fashion Show. Models strutted them gorgeous outfits teamed up with amazing jewellery to the sounds of popular Bollywood songs. The colours and sounds of vibrant India filled the catwalk.



On over at the show were several awesome prizes to be won fingers crossed as I have my heart set on winning the trip to Dubai 🙂

I left the show feeling , I so want to get married 🙂 is there a word for this ? like broody?However there is one problem I still need to find my Prince Charming ! If you have never been to the Eastern Bridal Fair, I suggest you pencil in into your diary for next year.


Shantaram an awesome gift


A couple of months ago for my birthday I was given this amazing book as a gift. My love of books was the reason this book was given to me by a friend as its his favourite book .The smell of a new book is heaven and going into a bookshop ia defo my kind of heaven.

Several friends and myself were pretty impressed with my recieving this book as gift . Everybody who has ever read has said its becomes one of their favourite books including the gift bearer.Its a pretty thick book with amazing hues of blue and red on the book cover.”if fate doesnt make you laugh, then you just dont get the joke”

I coming from Indian hertitage love all things Indian and love reading books based in India . This novel is a based on a true life encounter of man on the run and his journey through India. I loved the descriptions of life in India from the slums , to the villages and the super wealthy.The book is full of love, drama, gangs, crime ,culture and friendship.This book makes one reflect on their own lives and the people who walk through our lives. “Mistakes are like bad loves the more you learn from them the more you wish they never happened”

India is truely a magical place , one does get seduced by the sights the sounds and the colours . I hope someday to visit India for more than a 3month stint , maybe I will do an Eat ,Pray ,Love Journey just like a famous SA celebrity Shashi Naidoo.Maybe i will find my Raja in India.”Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope”

So thank you Mr X for sharing your favourite book with me and enriching my world with the wisdom found in Shantaram.They say a picture speaks a thousand words but in opinion a book gives me a glimpse into your soul .

This book has some of the most amazing and memorable quotes I have ever come across.If you are looking for a book to add to your reading list add Shantaram.”Luck is what happens to you when fate gets tired of waiting ” Shantaram…..Namaste.