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To make a resolution or not…


There is always a sense of urgency and immediate action when it comes to making New Years resolutions.But alas these don’t last too long and generally by todays date they are long forgotten….so last year I decided to set a list of Goals for the year and yes I actually achieved some of them because they were realistic and more of a change in my lifestyle .In keeping with that I share with you my Goals of 2014:

1)Work on attaining a healthy body, mind and soul.
2)Get rid of negative people and situations in my life.
3)Be open to new opportunities.
4)Travel overseas and locally.
5)Work on my dream of a career in Social Media and PR.

What are your goals ? Have you broken your resolutions yet ?

Ciao xxx




A year where dreams come true thats my motto for this year. At the start of every new year all we hear is what are your new years resolutions . They all start out the same healthy living , saving money but most after a few weeks are forgotten.

So instead i am using the word GOALS for 2013. There is my list of goals for this year:
1) Become healthy in mind, body and soul
2)complete my fieldwork for my Masters degree
3)Keep away from negative people
4)Tolerate others more
5) Focus on those who care
6) fall in love
7) An overseas holiday
8) get back to driving
9)Buy a car
10)be happy

The last year 2012 has taught me that life is too short and precious to waste. Every day should be lived to max make each day count. All the best for an amazing 2013 MAY all your dreams come true this year. XXXX