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In a weeks time this delicious event is on its way to Durban. All foodies like myself mark out all food events as they are so few we have in Durban and its about the only time we get to meet other Food Bloggers.

This year we have the likes of the gorgeous British chef James Martin , Ms Cupcake who is well known for her famous vegan cupcakes and Anjali Pathak from the Pathak family of spices. As an ardent foodie lover and my addiction to the UK this trio make me so happy.

On the local front we have Jenny Morris who is so amazing and inspiring , I met her last year at the show and fell in love with her passion for food and life, Deena Naidoo the winner of the first season of MCSA and the lovely Chef Benny Masekwameng .Hopefully I get to meet this awesome chefs .

I love the fact that the GFWS showcases new proudly South AFRICAN products and that the public get to sample them and get special show discounts on the prices.

As always there are show attractions:

• Brilliant Baking Theatre
Baking is gaining world-wide popularity and this theatre is devoted to all things sweet, baked and tempting. This interactive theatre – headlined by Ms Cupcake – features baking workshops, recipe and technique demonstrations. There will be opportunities for visitors to ask the experts all the dos and don’ts of baking.
• Celebrity Chefs Theatre
One of our most popular theatres, the Celebrity Chefs Theatre is where our local and international celebrity chefs will be whipping up their signature recipes and demonstrating delicious recipes which visitors can recreate at home. Catch James Martin, Ms Cupcake, Anjali Pathak, Vivek Singh, Jennis Morris, Benny Masekwameng and Deena Naidoo.
• Creative Coffee Theatre
The Durban Good Food and Wine Show plays host to the SCASA Coffee Competitions’ KZN Barista Championship Regionals at a dedicated Creative Coffee Theatre. This is an interactive hands-on workshop zone where visitors and trade can learn from professional baristas how to create speciality coffees, create latte art and make the perfect cuppa. Find out who are Kwa-Zulu Natal’s best baristas at the Regional Barista Championships.
• Durban Bites
Featuring some of the city’s top restaurants and restaurateurs courtesy of Durban Tourism.
• MasterCurry Competition
Amateur cooks have been invited to submit their favourite tried and tested curry recipe. Thirty-two participants will be cooking off at the show with the finals taking place on Sunday, August 11. The overall winner receives a trip of a lifetime: A five-day luxury holiday for two, sponsored by Incredible India, to the culinary mecca of India. The winner will also experience the majestic Taj Mahal, Jaipur’s glittering bazaars and ancient palaces and temples.
• Outdoor Good Food & Wine Bar
The Outdoor Good Food & Wine Bar takes centrestage in the outdoor arena at the Good Food & Wine Show. Sip on your favourite cocktail; enjoy an iced cold beer or take in the sunshine with a glass of your favorite wine or a bottle of bubbles – we have it all for you in this zone, which is surrounded by Durban’s favourite restaurants serving mouth-watering samples of their signature dishes – it’s a highlight of the Good Food & Wine Show and open until way after sunset.
• Rhodes Sishebo Theatre
In the heart of the Cultural Quarter of the Durban Good Food & Wine Show is the Sishebo Theatre. It is here that we keep the pot boiling with mouth-watering demonstrations by leading chefs from well-known township and local cultural restaurants, famous for their delicious stews, using the full array of traditional canned Rhodes products as essential ingredients to make the perfect “sishebo.”
• Spekko Spice Table
Visitors to the show will be able to enjoy the sharing, preparing and tasting of cultural foods, either traditional or contemporary. The setting is intimate and the audience will sit in a home-style kitchen and enjoy the hospitality of the Spice Table hosts who will interview well-known community celebrities who have a common passion for food and storytelling. Spice Table comes to life with wonderful anecdotes and delicious food and is authentic, down to earth and welcoming.
• Woolworths Little Chefs Kitchen
Sponsored by Woolworths, there will be hands-on workshops for children aged 4-7 and 8-12. Chef Barry Farnan is in charge of the theatre which will get youngsters to pick their own vegetables from a vegetable garden built especially for the show. Young cooks will find out where ingredients come from and learn to cook in a series of fun yet informative classes including how to make hamburgers, one-pan pasta and fruity pancakes. Tickets will be sold at the door.
• Woolworths Real Food Theatre
The future of a healthy nation is to encourage people to eat nourishing food, to respect what comes from Mother Earth and to understand the role of sustainable food. These important elements form the core of Woolworths Real Food Theatre which is one of the innovative and exciting new interactive theatres at this year’s Durban Good Food & Wine Show. The Real Food Theatre will have hands on cooking workshops with a focus on natural sustainable ingredients. It will host visiting celebrity chefs Anjali Pathak, Ms Cupcake and Jenny Morris alongside Durban’s top chefs who will be sharing their food philosophies with visitors. They include Graham Neilson of 9th Avenue Bistro; Marcelle Roberts of Café 1999; Brandon Louwrens of The Grill Jichana at the Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Hotel and the first winner of MasterChef South Africa Deena Naidoo.

So if you had no plans to go I suggest you do !


• Good Food & Wine Show Durban August 8 to 11- Durban Exhibition Centre
Tickets cost R75 for adults for R40 for children. This includes more free theatres than ever before. Visitors can download discount coupons for great savings on the Good Food & Wine Show website http://www.goodfoodandwineshow.co.za


The Art of cooking gone digital


Last week saw the grand finale of Masterchef SA. And what a final it was indeed. However after weeks of devoted following I missed the final and only managed to catch the last 5 minutes as a family emergency prevented me watching this.

However to those of you who have been reading my Blogs know I am very digital , so yes I PVR’d the final and followed Twitter for bits of info.

Team Deena was trending on Twitter and has a huge following from rather unexpected Tweeters. I loved the fact that though i was not actually around i could still keep in touch with the goings on of Masterchef . Well done and massive congratulations to the Spice King Deena Naidoo, Deena you stole our hearts from the first episode with your humility and compassion for your fellow competitors. Having Deena on Masterchef SA encourage tons of new viewers.Even my brother a non cooking show watching person was suddenly addicted to MCSA.The Masterchef kitchens were designed with the such stunning work stations and the most amazing digital kitchens gadgets that any foodie/digital person like myself would wish for. The use of all the gadgets also increased the shows viewrship as it then started appealing to another avenue of digital lovers. From Facebook to Twitter to the offical Masterchef online website there was an amazing amount of digital access which was so great. Twitter and Facebook have become awesome means of interacting with fellow foodies and even famous ones like Deena , Manisha Naidu , Jenny Morrison , Sophie Mitchell and even Jamie Oliver.And whats great is that these chefs respond and interact with us normal Tweeters.

It then dawned on me how the Art of cooking has changed and become so digital . Walking into any home appliance store is a total heaven for a foodie and digital geek like me . From the electronic scales , to electric biltong machines , to waffles makers to all sorts one cant escape the fact that the digi age is taking over the kitchen and yes I LOVE IT . Even recipes books have gone digital available as apps , MC would defo approve of these digital cookbooks .While trolling the millions of apps on my Samsung Tablet I came across loads of cooking and wine related apps, even tons of gaming apps appealling to the younger ones and those young at heart . I havent had a chance yet to try these out but will soon and leave a review on my favourite cooking apps.

Thank you Masterchef SA for bringing the digital age to the kitchen…… Once again awesome win Deena Naidoo in the words of a fellow tweeter @iAMKameel ” Deena is a Mammu Chef Ciao for now my foodie and digital loving friends …….!

Food glorious food !


With the onset of winter greeting us we automatically crave comfort food. Its so amazing what a vital part food plays in our lives.All occasions both happy and sad are commemorated with food.

Being Indian , means literally having food offered to you every moment of the day, My fondest food memories come from watching mum and gran in the kitchen making the most divine meals. Growing up Dad introduced us at a very young age to different culinary delights though he never knew how to cook. These memories fanned my interest in food and definately left an impression in my life and my palate.

Moving to the UK just opened up a whole new world of ingredients and food I never knew existed . A funny UK food memory was on a school camping trip been asked by staff to cook my famous Lamb Breyani over a gas stove in a forest now that was a challenge and a half but the end result was superb.

The kitchen traditionally was a woman’s domain but times have changed with more men taking an interest in cooking! Thanks to Masterchef , Jamie Oliver and Come Dine with me , this has all changed and men are taking more interest in the culinary world and not just eating it.Nothing is sexy like a man in the kitchen whipping up a culinary explosion long as he cleans up too.SO yes I am a modern woman yet i love cooking and am very seduced by the smells and colours of all spices.BON APPETITE