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Travel Bug


Both my parents have a great passion for travelling. This amazing passion was passed onto me and I totally love this bug. As a child my dad made it a point of every single school holiday that we went on a family holiday.

We explored our beautiful SA, from the amazing mountains of the Berg to the garden route to Cape Town we travelled taking in the amazing sights and sounds of our beautiful land. I must thank my parents for giving my brother and I very interesting and exciting childhood with neve a dull moment.

Whenever I finished high school I was very keen to take a Gap Year and go travelling like a gypsy.However my parents insisted I finish my degree before I start my exploring. I did this, worked for a year in SA before leaving to my beloved London.

My journey to London was the start of my incredible love affair and addiction to travelling. In the UK teachers get a few more holidays which was perfect for me. Each holiday, I made sure I visited a different country and explored Great Britain. I will always recall my first holiday as an adult and that was to Paris and Eurodisney.The journey included a coach journey, a ferry crossing and a train journey.

As soon as each holiday was over, I couldnt wait to plan,research and book the next. The thrill of getting a new stamp in my passport was great. Other holidays included Jamaica, Algiers, Tunisia, Turkey, Barcelona, Madrid, Belfast, Austria, Slovakia, Venice, Switzerland, Belgium are just some of the mindblowing places I visited.

Each country provided a rich cultural background, amazing buildings, yummy foods and so much more. A million memories that will definitely last a lifetime.

The travel bug did bite me at a young age…..but I love this addiction of mine that has made me like a gypsy…..