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15 Things that make me a unique Indian Girl…


Last week I came across this rather funny but very true post on Buzzfeed. I decided to share my top 15 of the List :

1. You spend a significant amount of your time and money on hair removal, in various forms.

Yes all forms of torture waxing , threading , sugaring , plucking and bleaching

2. You regularly receive Facebook friend requests from middle-aged men in suburban India with whom you have zero mutual friends.

Or Pakistan

3. You were raised to fear the sun because your grandmother would disown you if your skin got darker.

Or you wouldn’t get married as milky tea coloured skin was more desirable in a girl


4. Of course, at the end of the day, you’re free to marry whomever you want… Except the extensive list of races, religions, and nationalities your mom has vetoed.

Hello parents its 2014 not 1820 but then saying that I am kinda off Indian guys at the moment

5. No matter how old you get, you have to give your parents a detailed itinerary every time you leave home.

Gee whizz I feel like I am 5 ! How am I meant to meet a nice boy?

6. Nothing cheers you up like rocking out to your Bollywood jams.

Good old Bollywood tracks always get me bopping.

7. If you ever got sick, you were forced to eat ginger and drink honey, regardless of the ailment.

Force fed home remedies let’s not forget Castor Oil yukkkkk


8. Your standards for romance are unreasonably high.

Thank you Bollywood for this rose tinted glasses. Sorry, current and future boyfriends.

9. You have some serious swearing abilities and you aren’t afraid to use them.

True story the first words I learn in any language are the swear words so don’t make me angry cause I will go all foreign on you.

10. Your other special talent: bargaining.

In my case always a bargain hunter, hate paying full price

11. In your vocabulary, chai = gossip.

Isn’t it a universal language

12. You never had sex ed at school, so you learned about sex from questionable sources.

Defo no Birds and the bees chat with the parents.

13. But you know that there’s nothing in the world more flattering than a sari and some confidence.

Hell yes very sexy, all men love a woman in a sari.


14.You have aunties all over the world, none of whom you are related to.

Yes Oz, New Zealand, Canada, California, Mauritius.

15. And you wouldn’t trade your loud, chaotic, and colorful life for all the samosas in the world.

Totally love my colourful culture, religion and history.

Am sure many of you reading this post are nodding and saying yes true story lol.

I love who and what I am and totally proud to be Indian.

I am leaving you with a video of one of my fav Bollywood Tracks that always gets my entire family young and old on the dance floor:  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bILcP_SmqVY



Love Actually…



In keeping with the theme of Love Month  I have decided to share how I met a boyfriend(now ex).

The story starts 8 years ago in London on a dull, gloomy October day. The weather matched my mood. After having a crappy day at work I decided to jump onto the Tube and go west into the City.I found myself at one of my favourite spots in London. Canary Wharf. I needed to think about my work situation while having a Vanilla Latte in Caffe Nero and doodling in my diary. I was in no mood for company. I love Canary Wharf as it has such a buzz of activity around it and not to mention fab spots to eat and shop at AND gorgeous suited and booted men for me to drool at :).

I ordered my vanilla caffeine hit, settled down at a table for two, put my head down and started pondering and doodling. I was totally oblivious to the fact that the coffee shop was super full with patrons also getting their caffeine fix. Suddenly I heard this very manly voice with a hint of a foreign accent ask if he could please share my table. Instantly without looking up, I responded “no, sorry!”. The voice spoke again, “Please, I need to have my lunch and rush to a meeting and the store is full”. At this point I looked and there infront of me, stood the most sauve looking booted and suited 6ft tall guy. I then responded “ok, BUT don’t talk to me”. He pulled out the chair sat down and said “Hi, I am Mr Y ( name withheld) thank you for letting me share your table”. My reply, head still down “I said don’t talk to me”. He chuckled and said “Don’t you ever smile or tell people your name”. At this point I looked up with a smirk and ” I do. Don’t you stop talking?” Mr Y replied, “Wow, you have such a lovely smile. When you smiled, I blushed”. I got all flustered by this strangers words. My diary was now 2 full A5 pages of doodles.

Mr Y got ready to leave. I was rather glad he was going. Before he got up he said “Please do me a favour?” To which I replied “Now what ?” “And maybe “.He said, “Tomorrow, meet me here. Same time, same place, same table please, as I would love to get to know you. In my now coy moment I replied “You wish. Bye! “.

On my journey home, I kept thinking about this booted and suited stranger who invaded my space and my quiet moment. Once I got home, I was rather busy as I had to meet friends for dinner.  The next morning , I kept thinking should I ? Shouldn’t I go ? I took forever to get ready for work , choosing the perfect outfit and getting my hair and make up perfect. I didn’t dare divulge to work friends about the tall dark stranger I met with a slight foreign accent or the fact I was contemplating meeting him after work. All day I was in two minds. After work, I made an excuse of meeting other friends and left. I got onto the Tube still oohing and ahhing. As I approached my stop for home I said to myself, “Live a little ! ” “Carpe diem”, and so I set off to Canary Wharf to meet Mr Y. The thought crossed my mind in case he wasn’t there 😦 oh well I would go shopping and have dinner at my fav Japanese eatery, Wagamamas.

With a deep breath, I walked into Caffe Nero, and there he was sitting at my table looking at his watch with 2cups of coffee waiting for me. I instantly smiled and got all shy. As I walked up to him he got up pulled my seat and waited for me to sit down. This was the start of an amazing 18month relationship that ended sadly when Mr Y was diagnosed from cancer and kept me out of his world. I cried and threw tantrums as all I wanted was to be there for him. He explained to me on our final meeting that he would never want me to see him suffer or become his widow as I was so young. I couldn’t understand this. It broke my heart into a million pieces. He refused to see me or even speak to me after that final goodbye. To me, I felt my heart had stopped beating and I couldn’t breathe. I had the loving support of a  group of my friends in London who looked after me , bought me biltong, let me sleep over , took over my lessons when I broke into tears , cooked for me and basically helped me through my pain. During this difficult time I realised how much Mr Y loved and cherished me not to see him that way but remember him as the tall dark booted and suited stranger who took my breath away.Till this day I do wonder how he is.. Is he still alive and all the “what ifs”. Having experienced such a beautiful relationship where he taught me about love, life and enjoying Bollywood, this has made me rather picky in men and not willing to settle for second best.

So yes its all true …

Mr Y did exist …

It was Love Actually 🙂

Partner wishlist


Every girl has a list short or long of what they would like their future partner to be like.

It starts off with wanting a man exactly like our Fathers but then changes we become teenagers to movie stars who steal our hearts.We start of wanting a man that looks like a Prince who has a million rands and how will give us the Fairytale lifestyle.

But then reality sets in and we realise that Hollywood /Bollywood has given us very high expectations of love and then we get hurt…Over the years my Partner Wishlist has changed and be redefined but this comes only with age and experiences.

I feel like Bridget Jones sitting here writing a list of what my is on my Partner Wishlist:

1) A romantic and loving guy (often end up with guys who dont know how to even spell romance and will not see a girlie movie)

2)A guy who has a career and plans for his future (I dont want no scrub )

3) A guy who has a sense of humour and can make me laugh (not make jokes about me though)

4) A guy with nice hands *blush*

5) A man who can cook (that is such a sexy quality)

So my wishlist is not too long …….So maybe like Bridget I will find Mr Darcy…. one day…..


men and woman


They say as one gets older we become wiser. I somewhat agree with this statement ,however when it comes to matters of heart I personally become a giggly teenager who thinks with my heart and not my head.

I have always for some reason seem to get on better with guys than girls , I guess having a brother and lots of boy cousins plays a part in this choice.While living in London , it was so awesome knowing that you could be friends with a guy without them thinking it was more. Many of my male friends were married and their spouses where pretty cool with the friendship their partners and I had with no threat of insecurity .

Here in South Africa is a totally different ball game ,the friendship with married guys is a total taboo . Last week i was confronted with a drama of a guy who i know for a few months , chat to every day suddenly stop chatting to me as he had a new lady in his life. This then got me thinking of the dynamics of friends and relationships.

Men and women both seem to have hidden agendas these days as well as ticklist of how a potential partner should be.It seems the outer beauty is what counts and not inner beauty. I am increasingly finding it hard to understand men and the way their mind works.Wish my heart was like a computer where i could reboot it and erase old files.

Yes i may not be a size 8 Bollywood model but I am unique , intelligent , well travelled, interesting , intriguing , a good cook, and a million more things.Get to know me and you will be rather surprised …..Ciao for now.