Since my dad passed on two years ago I seem to have gained some SuperHero powers. It’s definately true what they say that we really don’t know where we summon the strength and courage when its the only choice we have.

I vividly recall dad’s funeral like it was yesterday and how I had to pull myself together and look after things – this meant I had to control my feelings and emotions .And that was where my Superwoman powers grew.

I now have a very protective trait for my immediate family and can’t tolerate others taking advantage of them since dad is no longer around.

Last night was once such example, I cried cause I was so angry, felt my pressure rise and literally wanted to punch this person in the face. It took me a while to calm down after a chat with a friend. Life has such a funny way of giving us our SuperHero powers especially when we are at our weakest, thinking its all over.

So yes I am a SuperHero aka Superwoman… I will protect my loved ones from the evil forces that are out there… I will breathe fire through my words… I will kill you with kindness and YES I am Superwoman taking over the world one day at a time.

Try to take me down and watch my wrath unleash… Be warned villans – this Superwoman means business..


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