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I saw this post the other day on another bloggers so decided it was a great lil way of rounding up my life recently. This year has literally flown by , hard to believe its already September and so much has happened already.2014 I am ready for you all guns blazing …..

I guess success , doesnt come easy it does mean hard work and sacrifices along the way(lack of sleep).

I AM FINALLY ON…. The last few days of preparing for the Durban leg of National Cookie Swap.It has been lots of hard work which often meant I have neglected my own blogging but its all coming together rather nicely.

I’VE DISCOVERED THAT Le Creuset is owned by a South African.

I WISH I could blog/social media for a living and not do my current job.

AT THE MOMENT I am looking forward to my CosmoCoverGirl Workshop.

I BELIEVE that Dreams have the power to become a reality if we breathe life into them and pursue them like a kite in the wind.

I KNOW THAT with great sacrifice comes great rewards.

I AM NOT COMPLETE if I am not wearing a watch , I actually feel naked lol.

MY FRIENDS are the kind souls who nuture my dreams and who walk with me during the storms and the rainbows.

I’M REALLY ENJOYING my very busy life attending events and working with so many amazing people in so many different sectors of media.

LIFE IS BETTER knowing that my dreams are on the to becoming a reality.

Have an amzing month ahead my darlings.
Ciao for now


Getting ready for summer…Renouveler Votre Corps



I hear a new treatment centre is launching this Saturday….with summer fast approaching we are all changing our eating habits, doing more excersie and drinking more water

Here are the details…
As women we have many duties that need our full attention, our careers, our husbands and our kids. Juggling all of this while we try to keep beautiful and healthy can be a challenge at times. Once you reach a certain age, losing weight you might have gained during a stressful period in your life or after giving birth can be a challenge. Some of us are successful at the gym and some of us need to turn to other options that work wonders. This is why we introduce to you Renouveler Votre Corps.

Renouveler Votre Corps in simple English means “Renew Your Body! This new salon is a machine based slimming salon, where we focus on busy people who want to lose weight, people who have lost weight but still need help to reach their desired goals. Our treatments do work hand in hand with the gym as we believe on healthy living and eating. We also offer anti aging treatments, where a qualified GP will be available, offering anti aging treatments and aesthetic medicine. We want to achieve a one stop salon where you can come for your total beauty needs. The machines we have on offer, shapes, tightens and lifts your skin without invasive surgery.
Renouveler Votre Corps officially launches this Saturday and we would like to invite you to the launch to hear more about the services that we offer and how you can change your life.

So if you are free on Saturday why not pop in and see whats on offer 🙂

Its time for some cookies cheer


The last few weeks my life has been consumed by the National Cookie Swap. I was approached by Ishay from http://www.FoodandtheFabulous.com to run the Durban leg of the swap.With my crazy life , this was something I could not do on my own so I enlisted Fay from http://Thesparklinglabyrinth.wordpress.com.

The big event is on Saturday the 14TH with a few spots still remaining in each city. WHAT IS COOKIE SWAP?

The idea behind Cookie Swap is to create awareness via tweets, posts and other social media all while raising money for Khayelitsha cookies and spreading the Cookie Cheer. Cookie swap is a fun event where people get together and do just that: swap cookies! Everyone brings 60 cookies or treats with them to the event and the cookies are swapped, sampled and taken home to enjoy.


Khayelitsha Cookies is an organization that empowers, educates and assists women in the community with employment within the organisation (making and selling cookies). All funds raised at Cookie Swaps through ticket sales and the auction will go towards Khayelitsha Cookies. Funding is required to better the working conditions of staff and purchase much needed shoes for the factory workers. The aim is also to create awareness about Khayelitsha Cookies and what they do so that they may grow and help even more people.

This year all three Cookie Swaps will be using the united hash tag #cookieswap3. Tickets for your entry into Cookie swap can be paid for at the door, however it is essential to reserve tickets in advance with your city host as tickets are limited for each event.


Cape Town: Dear Me in CBD http://www.dearme.co.za/

Jozi: Moema’s Patisserie in Parktown North http://www.moemas.co.za/

Durban: Piatto Florida road

When: 14 September

Time: 11:30 for 12

Cost: R50


Cape Town: @foodandthefab

Jozi: @Kimmari

Durban: @fayinthemaze @verushka143

Like the National Cookie Swap Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RSACookieSwap

And follow the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/507929649290403/

Read about Khayelitsha Cookies and what they do on their website http://www.khayelitshacookies.co.za

I hear via the grapevine there are some pretty amazing goodies bags for all as well as fab raffle and auctions items . So go on spread some love.