Meeting Inspiration…….



A few months ago , I was approached by Sue Levy from asking me if I would like to contribute to her amazing blog.

NOW for those of you who do not know who Sue Levy is ……Sue is an amazing inspirational and motivational speaker , blogger and writer who empowers women to harness their power and change their lives.Therefore been asked to contribute was a huge thing for me. If you havent go on go and check out my contributions .

Thus started my friendship with Sue.Sue and her lovely family moved from Cape Town to Pretoria fairly recently and I introduced my lovely cousin Karmani to Sue.

This weekend I was so blessed to meet Sue and her family. When I saw Sue it was instantly hugs and kissed and it was if I had met an old friend who I had not seen for ages. I felt so in awe of Sue , her achievements and how amazing she is as a person. Though Sue’s visit was very short , it has strengthened our bound and Sue is now part of my family.I got to spend time with Sue talking about my dreams, my blogging, my life and The Magnifying Glass.I truly feel so blessed an inspired to have met a soul like Sue on my life journey. Its so amazing the people God sends into your life when others walk out.

Thank you Sue, for coming into my life ! I totally love and adore you and feel this is just the start of our friendship.Its so amazing how we clicked from the first email and how everything just fell into place after that….To new memories, lots of laughs, lots of adventures and lots of tea and cupcakes along the way….



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  1. Verushka,

    where do I start?
    Saying Thank You is the first thing that comes to mind, and its true gratitude that is oozing from my humble heart right now. Wow, what a way to make one feel special. I am all teared up right now.

    When I read your posts that you contributed to me, i knew that you were my kind of person. You are beautiful..inside and out. You have a personality and your wisdom goes beyond your youthful years.

    I am blessed to know you. I am blessed to have met you.


    • Sue this amazing reply has gotten me all teary eyed. Meeting you and working with you is so special. On Sunday , I felt that you are really the bigger sister I never had. Karmz and I both so blessed to have you in our lives. Your love, patience, understanding goes beyond words. Missing you loads cant wait to see you guys again! love to my Noodle and Aslam xxxx

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