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Meeting Inspiration…….



A few months ago , I was approached by Sue Levy from http://suelevy.co.za asking me if I would like to contribute to her amazing blog.

NOW for those of you who do not know who Sue Levy is ……Sue is an amazing inspirational and motivational speaker , blogger and writer who empowers women to harness their power and change their lives.Therefore been asked to contribute was a huge thing for me. If you havent go on go and check out my contributions http://suelevy.co.za .

Thus started my friendship with Sue.Sue and her lovely family moved from Cape Town to Pretoria fairly recently and I introduced my lovely cousin Karmani to Sue.

This weekend I was so blessed to meet Sue and her family. When I saw Sue it was instantly hugs and kissed and it was if I had met an old friend who I had not seen for ages. I felt so in awe of Sue , her achievements and how amazing she is as a person. Though Sue’s visit was very short , it has strengthened our bound and Sue is now part of my family.I got to spend time with Sue talking about my dreams, my blogging, my life and The Magnifying Glass.I truly feel so blessed an inspired to have met a soul like Sue on my life journey. Its so amazing the people God sends into your life when others walk out.

Thank you Sue, for coming into my life ! I totally love and adore you and feel this is just the start of our friendship.Its so amazing how we clicked from the first email and how everything just fell into place after that….To new memories, lots of laughs, lots of adventures and lots of tea and cupcakes along the way….





“The 2013 Pick n Pay Taste of Durban in association with Orbit Sugarfree Chewing Gum was a resounding success, with the number of visitors increasing by 25%, to in excess of 12 000 people over the three day period,” says Taste Festival Director, Justine Drake. “The support of the City of Durban, our various sponsors and the enthusiastic welcome of the public has taken the event to new heights – Thank you Durban!”

The amazing Durban weather definitely was a crowd pleaser. It was a great day out for all with something for all tastes from Sweet to Savoury.One would have never guessed it was winter that weekend except for the Sunday when we experienced Cape Town weather.I spent Saturday afternoon at TOD with my cousins and friends sampling the delicious morsels. The perfect Durban weather meant it was perfect for the yummy Original Iced cocktails on offer in their funky coloured glasses.My highlight was meeting the amazing Jackie Cameron from Hartford House and sampling her Rissotto !

“The calibre of food in Durban is of an enormously high standard. Locals clearly recognise this and turned out to show their support. The chefs and their incredibly busy teams did a great job and deserve to be celebrated.”

The ‘Orbit Best Dish’ award, went to Amaravathi Palki Indian Restaurant (Palki), for their Prawn & Chicken 65 with Palki Chilli Garlic Sauce. This was based on visitor votes collected over the weekend.

“Our media partners, Independent Newspapers and East Coast Radio, really pulled out all the stops for the event – it was a true collaboration and it showed in the increased awareness and feet through the door,” Drake continues.

Each of the nine ‘pop-up’ restaurants that took part was overwhelmed by the number of people who patiently waited to experience the myriad bite-sized dishes that were on offer.

– Kicking off with first-timers Elements Café at The Beverly Hills, who sold over 700 Fishcakes with herb sauce and were overwhelmed by the amount of visitors over the weekend.

– Café 1999’s biggest seller was the Deep-fried Olives (they went through 45 kg of olives and 20 litres of home made mayo), followed by the Triple Chocolate Brownies. Chef Patron, Marcelle Roberts says, “I loved the vibe; it’s great to have an event where all the restaurants in Durban can get together and show the public what we’re made of.”

– Freedom Café sold 1000 portions of Prawn Cakes over the weekend. “It was a fantastic show for my first time out,” enthuses Chef Patron, Lucy Markewicz. “The vibe was phenomenal and I’ll definitely be back next year.”

– Another newcomer to this year’s show, Palki, used 190 kg chicken fillets and 80 kg of prawns in total, for their biggest seller, the award-winning Chicken and Prawn 65 dish and the Butter Chicken Curry. Restaurant owner, Colleen Govender says, “it was an incredible experience. We were so overwhelmed by the numbers that we had to bring in additional help over the weekend.”

– Durbanites clearly enjoy a good piece of meat, with BAR-BA-COA and Butcher Boys going through a total of 1 080 Ribs, 880 Argentinian Burgers and 760 Avo Dijon Fillet Rolls, over the three days.

– Back for a second year, Havana Grill at Suncoast and Little Havana’s Calamari Fritti with Wasabi Aioli, proved a winner with diners –

1 200 portions of the Calamari Fritti (approximately 120kg) were consumed. A total of 2 720 dishes were sold during the festival, including the popular Pulled Beef Sandwich. Executive Chef, Louise Potgieter, noted the ‘overall enthusiasm and energy of the crowd’, as highlights of the festival. “The vibe was amazing!”

In addition to the chefs participating in the show, guest chefs, Xanthos Giannakopoulos from the Durban Country Club, Brendan Newport and Guy Wood from Craft Trattoria, Author Erica Platter and caterer extraordinaire, Jacqui Rey, took part in a packed programme of demos, cook-off’s and master classes in The Pick n Pay Fresh Living Chef’s Theatre. The ever popular Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience proved such a hit that sessions were booked out within minutes of the gates opening.

Taste of Durban is gaining momentum and will be back in 2014 at Suncoast. If you did not manage to get to Taste of Durban this year , do yourself a favour and go next year.

POUT Ambassador 2013


On the 9th of August 2013 , it was announced that I was chosen as a POUT AMBASSADOR for the KZN region. It was finally so good to be able to tell everyone.

So am sure most of you reading this are asking POUT? WHATS THAT?
Here is the story behind POUT…..

POUT stands for Powerful, Outstanding, Unique and Talented. We believe that every young woman should have the confidence to say that they are Powerful beyond measure, Outstanding for every effort they make, Unique for there is no one like them and Talented because they are blessed with the ability to contribute to society!

Pretty cool right ! So what is POUT actually about ?

POUT is a self-empowerment movement for young women. It is a platform for inspiring stories, opportunities and information that will equip the youth in going after their dreams and being the best they can be.

When I was approached by Zaza Motha,I was literally gobsmacked to be offered this role to empower young women in South Africa.Zaza is the founder of the POUT MOVEMENT, “POUT is a result of my life’s journey and I believe that a lot of young women will find relevance in the message that it carries. POUT was formally founded in 2012.”

1. To build or grow their confidence.
2.To feel good.
3.Career growth opportunities.
4.To prepare themselves for mentorship relationships.
5.To fulfill their vision or ambitions.
6.To contribute to society.


Great strides have been made by government and organisations in increasing women’s participation in the economy. With this said, women still have a long way to go in realising their full potential. Investing in young women to realise their potential everyday will assist them in spotting opportunities that will build them, particularly their self esteem, in order to realise their potential and groom it.
POUT also aims to highlight the work that is done within the country and the continent to harness women’s participation in building the nation. This will also relay the message of opportunities that are available to young women.
“Only 3.6% of CEOs of the 300 companies (surveyed in the 2012 Women in Leadership Census) listed on the Johannesburg Stock
exchange are women. If you consider that those companies control between 80% and 90% of the South African economy, while women make up 52% of the population, it is clear that women have a very small voice on how the country’s economy is run” – President of the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa (BWASA), Kunyalala Maphisa, (www.destinyconnect.com).
“A true democracy is characterised by the full and equal participation of women and men in the formulation and implementation of decisions in all spheres of public life. No country can call itself democratic if half the population is excluded from the decision-making process”. – As quoted by Satang Nabaneh, a child rights activist and women’s rights advocate from The Gambia, in her paper titled “The Power of Women’s Political Participation in ECOWAS – 2012”.
“Women constitute more than 50% of all unemployed people in this country and they also constitute a majority of all casual or contract workers. Those in the rural areas suffer from triple oppression because they are victims of gender, racial and economic oppression.” – Nehawu spokesperson Sizwe Pamla (Mail & Guardian article, Business Section, 8 August 2011 by Natasha Marrian).
A lot of facts and figures can be churned out about the condition of the South African or African woman. POUT aims to tackle such issues in a creative way and make them accessible to every young woman across the country.
It also aims to promote and instil a sense of confidence in young women so that they can go after their goals. Whether they choose to do that in the social, economic or political sector, the POUT sister will know that everything is possible.

The POUT website serves as an information portal for young women. This is where they will get inspiration from stories shared by people who are successful. POUT is also a place where peers can influence each other in a positive way and celebrate each other’s growth. Opportunities for personal and career growth will be on the website for young women to utilise to follow their dreams and be the best they can BE.

Very honoured to be chosen as a POUT AMBASSADOR 🙂
2013 is turning out to be a rather impressive year in the life of me, I can only imagine what 2014 wil bring 🙂


ps will kep you guys updated on my POUT journey