Daily Archives: July 11, 2013

July update…..


Dear lovely readers

Please forgive my silence and lack of blogging for the last few weeks. Lots as usual has been happening in the life of me. Some Bitter sweet events have kept me pre occupied. My emotions have been on a rollercoaster with some very weepy days.

I promise to be back with lots of interesting posts and links to posts I have written.

Till then ciao


Have you ever……..


Earlier on this afternoon while going through my Twitter feed,  I saw several bloggers tweeting links on this post. So I read a few,  had a few chuckles and decided to do my own 🙂

1) Been pulled over? 

YES!  by an ex flame who radioed his cop buddy to pull me over so he could chat to me.

2) Plucked your eyebrows?

Yes,  I sometimes need to neaten them between threading sessions.

3) Pulled an all nighter?

Several times including one where I camped all night on the road for tickets to Wimbledon.

4) Baked a cake?

Yes though baking is not one of my strong points.

5)Fallen down in public? 

Yes,  I have even fallen up stairs.

6) Been caught making out?

Ahem *blushes*  my lips are sealed.

7)Taken a pregnancy test?


8) Broken a bone? 

Nope but do chicken wishbones count?

9)Had braces? 


10) Gone skinny dipping?

Not yet 🙂

11) Made a prank call?

Oh yeahhhh!

12)Screamed during a scary movie?

Yes, kind of a scary cat.

13)Gone out without underwear?

Ahem I will not answer this without my attorney present lol.

14) Been arrested?


15) opened Christmas presents early?

Yessss, my friends in the UK have an early Christmas party where we used to exchange gifts from Secret Santas.

16) Been in hospital?


17) Had food come out your nose?

Nope but have coke come out cause i was laughing so much.

18) Toiletpapered someone’s house


19) Laughed so hard you cried?

Oh yes my friends and family are super funny.

20) Burned yourself with a curling iron?

Nope but my cousin doing my hair burnt me.

21) Been hit on by someone far too old?

Yes my uncle’s friend!

22)Given a hickey?

Nope but did recieve one but was very embaressed by it

23) Eaten food that fell on the floor?

Yes 5 second rulr:-)

24)shared a sucker with your dog?


25) Been in a car accident?


26) Spied on your neighbours?

Yes when I saw a hottie in the yard 🙂

27) Lied about your age?

Yes all woman do!

28) Fired a gun?

Toy one yes

29) Been drunk?


30) Gotten a tattoo?

Yes got my first ink job a year ago planning my next one.

So hopefully that gives you a glimpse of me 🙂