Pre Writers Course meet


Today , my day started rather early I had to be at Edgewood College at 9am. The purpose of today was to meet my fellow writers and preparation for the week long retreat.

Twenty educators from a vastly different backgrounds and experiences were chosen. But the one thing in common we all had was a passion to write.

We were taken through the programme for the week.It then struck me how really intensive this week was going to be starting at 8am each morning and finishing at 6pm everyday. This all seemed a little daunting to me but I love challenges and look forward to this new chapter in the book of me.

As I was leaving I was approached by one of the other candidates who said to me that it was a pleasure to me meet and that I have really inspired her. This left me totally gobsmacked as we were all given a writing excersie as part of our introduction of ourselves to the group. I then got thinking this lady who met me only for 3 hours felt inspired and motivated by me , imagine the impact I have had in the lives of my students over the years.I felt very humbled by this lady’s words and I feel more motivated than ever to go out there and do more , write more and be an enabler in the life of my students.

I will be blogging about my progress at the Winter Writers course and sharing some of my creative pieces with my readers.


About verushka143

A 30 something South African Indian woman living, laughing, loving and trying to find her way back after a long stint abroad. A million stories a million laughs to share from a journey where I have been blessed to meet some really amazing humans. A domestic goddess with a love of food, books, travelling, cocktails and the colour pink...... Welcome to my world sit back and enjoy my adventures

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