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5 Favourite cooking ingredients


Every culinary person has a handful of ingredients they must have at all times in the fridge. I inherited my love of cooking from my grandmother and hence I have a very fancy palate.

These are my 5 must have/ favourite ingredients :

1) Onions, the smell of frying onions is so tempting. Its also the base for cooking most dishes. Carmelised onions give a dish such a finished taste.

2) Butter, hmm usalted or salted give any meal such a moorish taste.The thought of warm toast with melting butter.

3) Garlic, this small ingredient punches big flavour and is the basics of most Indian, Italian and Greek cookery.

4) Chicken, my favourite meat to cook can be used in so many different dishes and cooks so quickly.Not forgetting a healthy option.

5) Freshly crushed Black pepper, ohh the aroma, the slight bite and the gorgeous visible black specks transform any dish hot or cold.

What are your must haves/ favourite ingredients to cook with?

Bon Appetite

Onion Tears by Shubnum Khan



I clearly recall in 2011, mum reading a review of this book and saying we must read this book.I then asked why as I had not read the review, her response was its written by an Indian girl from Durban and its about life, love and woman. Mum then went on further to say we must support local talent.

Last year, I finally managed to locate Onion Tears after discovering Shubnum Khan on Twitter. I was pretty excited to read this book especially as I had begun following her on Twitter.The cover was very beautiful and very eye catching,and a comment from Shanthini Naidoo on the cover did make the reader in me hungry to devour this book.

The story is based on an Indian family in South Africa, especially seen through the eyes of 3 generations of woman in this family, the grandmother,her daughter and her granddaughter. The main themes explored in this novel are those of love, loss and life. Its a very touching story that everyone can identify with.Life is not always what it seems and the past has a sneaky way of creeping up upon us. The story pulls you in and make you feel like you know the characters personally and you can feel their emotions.Society and the role of woman are also explored in this novel.

The clever use of culture and cooking ties up this lovely novel that is simply so realistic.Shubum is truly a great wordsmith and writes with such passion which is clearly evident in this novel.

Thank you Shubum for penning such a interesting read, I cant wait for your next book and to meet you in person.
ps. Go out and buy a copy of ONION TEARS 🙂

Birthdays :-)


My birthday was yet again another fabulous day celebrating my life with my nearest and dearest.

I was woken at midnight from a gazzillion facebook, twitter and BBM messages. I was so surprised how truly loved I am by so many. I even got a birthday tweet from @Micasa that really made my day. Mum bought me a yummilicious Tiramisu cake from Woolworths that each morsel was divine.

Since my special day fell on a Saturday it was a perfect excuse to party all weekend. Plans that evening included dinner at Adega to sample some of Chef Ismail Arbee’s fab food then onto Newscafe in Umhlanga for cocktails and red velvet cupcakes with friends.

At Adega I was treated so special with a dish made especially for me, and a group of singing waiters bringing me dessert. As I write this I can still taste those yummy flavours of the sauce Ismail made (chilli,coconut and lime)

When I got to Newscafe my friends were already there, I was so happy they braved the cold and rain to spend my special day with me. Aftervloads of cocktails from Long Island Ice teas, flaming lamborginis to a Mexican death wish I had it all. It was my night a night of fun, laughter and great memories.

The party people within us urged us to go to Vogue where two of my fav Dj’s @djdeong and @ryanthedj. We danced the night away in heels and after having a few suitcases and a fishbowl.

The next morning after about 4 hours of sleep we surfaced to face the world and then headed to Tasha’s for brunch. After our tummies were full a spot of retail therapy was on the cards.

I recieved so many amazing and thoughtful gifts, I know I am truly blessed. I still continued recieving gifts till the last week of April.April is most defo a birthday month of celebrations to me. Thanks to all the awesome people who made my day so special. xxx



A few weeks ago, I was pretty lucky I won a one month supply of this new product called Kelslim.Its been a week now since I have started using this product but I feel I have more energy already.

How it works?

Two tablets a day need to be taken as an ongoing detoxification process.

Benefits of the product :
# strenghtens immune system
# aids digestion
# promotes hair growth
# increases energy levels
# enhances weightloss
# increases metabolic rates
# stimulates thyroid function


I am already sold on this product and cant wait to see more results…….

So what is Kelslim?

Its a product filled with seaweed powder that comes from seaweed found in the West coast of South Africa.The product is pure and natural and contains no additives.

Go on try this product it has so many benefits.For more information on this great product :




During the month of February I kept seeing some fellow bloggers/ tweeters talking about the bandwagonbox. So the curious monkey inside me asked and now I am apart of this amazing group of lovely ladies.This project was started by @GeeWhiskers, @glamglit, @mmmrska and @tamsw9·The membership has now grown to ten and in April I recieved my 1st box.

So every 2months you are paired with someone and you have to send them a box of goodies. Each box has a theme, the April box was beauty so i had lots of fun putting together a box for GeeWhiskers (www.geewhiskers.com) The box is to the value of between R100 – R150. We have a forum where members posted their likes,dislikes and wishlists.This made shopping much easier. Its such a fab idea of getting a surprise box of goodies.Its also a chance to unleash your creative side and try new products.

The box for June is themed Winter Warmth and I am preparing my box for GlamGlit ( http://glamorousglitter.blogspot.com) My box is almost done just the pretty bits to do.

My April box was done by the amazing GeeWhiskers.The box was indeed a box of treasures. Thank you GeeWhiskers for my gorgeous box and the opportunity to be apart of Bandwagonbox. Here are some pics of my fab box :


Blog Guru


Friday morning while getting ready for work, I got the most interesting BBM message from my friend. My friend happens to be the Head of English at the college that I work in. Her request to me was if it would be possible for me to do a little presentation to the staff in her department on Blogging.

I was pretty gobsmacked and delighted of the chance to share some insight into the world of blogging to others. I grabbed my Tablet made some notes and went off to work pretty excited. These staff members didnt know anything about blogging at all so heres what i shared with them :

# Blogging is an online diary which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

# Some blog sites are free to blog on like WordPress and Blogspot.

# Anyone can blog and you can blog about anything.

# On your blog you can upload pics, links to music, videos.

# Blogs have a spellcheck feature.

# Its a form of Social Media which is very popular and linked to Twitter and Facebook.

I then shared my blog with them and some of my favourite blogs :

# http://www.geewhiskers.com

# http://www.suelevy.co.za

# http://glamorousglitter.blogspot.com

# http://stylesociety.co.za

I could see many of them looking confused but interested writing down notes and telling me they would defo read my blog.
I was so happy I could share my love of blogging with them.This got me thinking maybe I should study something in the field of media.
Ciao for now

Blog Challenge Update


At the start of April, I took part in the Blog Challenge. This meant I needed to write 30 blogs for the month.

I didnt complete the challenge but I did write 20 blogs during the month. I loved getting the daily email giving me ideas for future blogs. I have kept these for future blogs. I have promised myself and my readers to blog atleast 10 times a month regardless of how busy and crazy my life becomes.

Thank you dear readers and followers of my blog 🙂 heres to many more blogs. Email me should you have any blog ideas you want me to explore.
Have a relaxed Sunday