Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

Farewell Sasha




Today was such a heartbreaking day.We said goodbye to our beloved Doberman, Sasha.We got Sasha as a pup over ten years ago. She truly was apart of our family. During my time in London, mum would sign off cards saying love from all of them including Sasha.

Sasha was super clever and very protective of our home and family, her bark was defo worst than her bite. She was very spoilt by all of us at home but was my mother’s baby girl.

She was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and her health went downhill very fast.Sasha reminded us all of my dad before he died from cancer last year, the not eating, silence and drastically losing weight. We had to take the difficult decision to have Sasha put down today.I couldnt bear to go outside and say goodbye. It wa like losing my dad all over again. Sasha was apart of our family and she will be missed more than words can say.I wrie this blog with tears in my eyes.Losing a pet is very emotional and stressful.

We as a family have decided to donate all Sasha’s unopened bags of dog food and tins to the SPCA in her memory.

Sasha, you were the best we all love and miss you so much already. You will be with Papa soon, be good dont sip his tea while he reads his newspaper.


My favourite Quote



Life is to short and precious to waste. When I came across this quote online, I fell in love with these words. Its only recently have I discovered that these words belong to the famous Maya Angelou.I have been pretty blessed in my life to have experienced some very breathtaking moments.

Heres wishing, hoping and praying that your life is filled with moments that leave you breathless.
Have a fantastic week ahead.

Keep Calm


Often life throws are curve balls and we find it pretty hard to cope with. A few weeks ago I was going through a very trying patch with the people in my life.My dearest friend M sent me this Keep Calm pic and I loved it. From the colour to the words it was meant for me. Sometimes its the little things tha make our heart happy. I often use my blogging as a platform to vent. Thanks M 🙂