Blog challenge


As a newbie blogger, in February I kept seen blogs with daily blog challenges posted daily. So curious me followed these bloggers and their challenges on most days. It was interesting to see how different people see things.I then made my mind and I would keep an eye out for the next challenge and sign up for it.

I love challenges but then again who doesnt. So when I noticed the APRIL blog challenge, i signed up and started toying around with blog ideas. The thing I really liked about this challenge was that the aim was to promote your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook(something I already do:-)) and the fact that if I blogged twice today I could skip tomorow. Now this sounded pretty cool to me as I am currently on holiday till the 9th April which means I can blog more cause work sometimes keeps me very busy.

For more information on The Blog Challenge check out this link :

If you are a blogger, I dare you to accept the challenge:-)
For my awesome readers be prepared for lots of interesting posts

Ciao my lovelies



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