Forgive me for my silence


hey there my lovely friends. I must say sorry for the lack of blogging the last few months have been mega busy. I have a millliion thoughts that need to be captured into words. 

Some of the highlights include a VIP Experience for the Heinken SYMPHONIC Rocks event in Cape Town, to a GHD/Glamour Blowout Bootcamp and a few amazing events to amaze the foodie in me.

I promise to be good and catch up on my blogging pretty soon. Until then have an amazing week filled all things fantastic.Life is beautiful so dont miss a single moment. 


About verushka143

A 30 something South African Indian woman living, laughing, loving and trying to find her way back after a long stint abroad. A million stories a million laughs to share from a journey where I have been blessed to meet some really amazing humans. A domestic goddess with a love of food, books, travelling, cocktails and the colour pink...... Welcome to my world sit back and enjoy my adventures

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